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  1. Thanks for the tips and info guys it's been a big help, now I need to find one! Cheers
  2. Could some knowledgeable person please tell me if a TH700R4 4L60 non electronic trans (VK, VN, VP) including flex plate, starter motor will bolt to a Holden 308 engine with the chev bell housing pattern? I know the bell housing will just wanting to make sure the other parts play ball before buying this model transmission. Cheers
  3. PeteHZ

    HZ Ute tags

    Thank's for all your help, would you know where the best place to buy new panels like a front nose cone etc?
  4. PeteHZ

    HZ Ute tags

    Perfect thanks
  5. PeteHZ

    HZ Ute tags

    Thanks for that, so I take T is for a original V8, I'm looking at buying this ute, it has a twin headlight front too would this be period correct? Just asking as it has LVVTA cert plate, not the original plate
  6. PeteHZ

    HZ Ute tags

    Hi all, can someone please tell me what product options this ute has. Cheers