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Jesse's winning liteace discussion


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Hey there, thanks for the detailed write up. I have an '89 liteace looking to be the same as yours.... 

Would love to do something similar so I can do my long trips from Auckland to Whangarei often with no worries

Do you have any advice to start this project? I'm not mechanically minded so would need to get all the work done by someone who is capable....

Been searching wreckers and trade me and seem to have found a 5k engine and 5sp gearbox that would potentially fit

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4 hours ago, Jeffs_Emporium said:

These speakers require some maintenance first... link to pic



will you be fixing this yourself? i fixed an 8" LS400 lexus subwoofer using a new seal from simply speakers about 10yrs ago. 

not sure they have square ones? or what you had planned 


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Not sure if you got your Carter lift pump wires sorted? I had the same problem with the same pump on the KP. Looped some long, skinny zip ties over the body of the pump to hold the wires in place on the terminals. Can't find any photos of the arrangement but it worked. Sorry to see some little scrots tried to break in, but glad they failed. Awesome little van.

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