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  1. Had a similar situation with my 2002, think the bog was applied too thick causing the rust problem? Epoxy first over clean steel IMHO
  2. https://www.allports.nz/product-group/48361-malpassi-fuel-filter-regulator-for-carburetor-engines/product Looking at doing 40dcoes on my BMW2002 and getting one of these to be sure of correct fuel pressure just to be sure, however I used to have a starlet running a 5k and a 28/36 Weber and the standard mechanical pump was fine without a regulator, the mechanical pumps run low pressure
  3. I got carplan stuff from RA Johnson's at Wiri. Thin enough to flow into the nooks and crannies and stays soft.
  4. Lechler 29107 Epoxy Primer - good stuff!!
  5. Great looking Starlet, good to see you can still get TGP water pumps, approx how much $ was the pump? BTW I put a 28/36 weber on my mildly worked 5k and there was a significant improvement over the stock carb.
  6. Very happy with my MTX-L bought from Amazon, also have it synced to Megasquirt, works well.
  7. I'm happy with the Weber 28/36 i fitted to my 5k. It was fitted to Anglias/Cortinas and was a popular upgrade back in the day. Mechanically activated secondary choke and removable venturis to suit approx 1000 to 1600cc motors. Worth a Google for more info
  8. I haven't had any personal experience with deleting them but theres a few threads on the UK forum worth reading http://www.02forum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1171 . The twin servos do take up valuable engine bay space!
  9. Fenders were welded from the factory with 2 or 3 tacks and then lead loaded to cover the seam so your fenders could be the originals? Hopefully the underseal wont be hiding too many headaches! Keep up the good work
  10. Nice project, watching with interest. IMHO mock it up in the engine bay, sort out your mounts, headers and other shit before throwing any money at the motor.
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