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  1. Thanks Spencer, i will look very seriously into getting a wideband sensor. If i can find the bigger venturi factory carb from the later model model i will probably look at using that as this will most likley give me what i want out of the car. Now to try and spot these venturi size numbers haha
  2. Thanks ill have a gander when i get home. Have you used any of these carbs and know of appropriate jet sizes for either. Probably more after throttle response than economy. Cars off the road at the moment about to get some more rust taken out before next summer (ke20 2door sedan) so its prefect time to sort this all out. How do i go about converting to mechanical? is there a linkage kit to use off somthing else or aftermarket kit or is a bit of a custom jobby
  3. Thanks for the feedback phatt20 Your feelings about the weber are very similar to mine in regards to hassle and f'ing around i was looking at somthing other than the factory carb purely to have the bigger venturis, and since im not racing it i can do what i wish haha. What advantages is there to having mechanical secondarys over vacuum? I have a couple of k series carbs at home but not sure how to identify if it is the later model with the bigger venturis (h had read there was a bigger 4k/5k one) but no where said how to identify it. I had never thought of a 2t carb, does it require any modification to hook up accelerator cable? and does it require rejetting or are the factory jet sizes ample for small gain. Thanks for all this feedback guys, i'm sure it will not only help me but it will give some good information to the next person like me trying to google search their options for upgrades on these motors
  4. Yeah, I read that that is a much better weber to suit the k series motors, they just seem to be a bit harder to get hold of. By the looks of it tho everyone is saying weber, i think stepping down to the 28/36 looks to be my best option since there is alot more information on them than the nikki i was looking into. Still have the issue with making up some god awful accelerator cable bracket / linkage tho haha
  5. Yea the cam is pretty tame and being a 1.3 i feel the carb is a bit big anyway, only put it on as seemed to be a popular option. I just used a bit of metal to bolt the 2 throttle peices together but its by no means flash. Would rather somthing more similar but slightly bigger than factory carb. Not looking for flash performance, more reliability with a slight hp gain & straight foward maintence. Its only a weekend car but id like to know its ready to drive no trouble whenever i felt the urge to
  6. A factory peice of 4k carb that holds cable poorly adapted onto the weber
  7. Whats a predator? Havnt heard that name before
  8. yeah i few people seem to be quite fond of them, i need to adapt the throttle cable to it better, the pedal is very short with it how it is i would like it to be a bit different than everyone else's setup but then i spose everyone goes with the weber for a reason
  9. Hey team I am wanting to swap the carb out on my Toyota 4k-u. Motor has only had small amount of work (mild cam, free flow exhaust, and full internal freshen up) I have currently got a Weber 32/36 on it and personally im not a fan, needs rejetting and some modification to the throttle linkage to make it feel nicer on the pedal and drive as it should. I thought about just rebuilding a factory aisan carb but they are crap out of the factory anyway so dont see the point. I dont want to spend huge money. I have been looking into a nikki carb off the likes of a mazda b2000 or similar (because they can be bolted onto a factory manifold with little to no modification to manifold or throttle linkage) but i cant find any info out on factory jet size or venturi size to compare to the aisan or weber carb specs. Does anyone know the specs of these nikki carbs? My google searches have found little to no relevant information Or any other suggestions to carbs that would be well suited as a small upgrade. heard datsun l18 carbs are worth looking into aswell Any information or feedback appreciated
  10. Been a while since i posted but this car has not been tucked away in the back of a shed and forgotten about, it it now painted and i am in the progress of sorting its motor
  11. Just a wee update, got the motor apart today, the numpty who did the last rebuild didn't put in the bigend bearings correctly resulting in number 1 spinning up and number 2 about to. just a couple of pictures number one is the flattened one because i had to carfuly pry it off as it was stuck, the crank is still salvageable will get away with a 5thou grind id say. Am going to do a full rebuild, send everything away to get cleaned up and then put new bearing rings and gaskets in
  12. got a mate painting it whos a car painter by trade. a darker solid gray most probably
  13. just going to repray it with 2k grey, will do shuts and engine bay to make it look tidy, then probably tidy interior a bit and lower it on some widend steelies and use her for a nice we cruiser. body work is in progress at the moment working on it most nights and motor will be coming apart this week Busy busy
  14. I drove the car home when i brought it and is pretty complete but she ran a bearing on the drive. Car has a 5k twin carbs which is getting rebuilt, body of the car is pretty straight and overall good nick only small repairs needed (some rust and couple of small dents and chips) should come up sweet tho
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