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Sheepers' RA28 Celica

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How are you bleeding air out of the cooling system when you fill it?

Did you disconnect a heater hose and remove the bleeder bolt above the thermostat housing?

I wonder if blanking the small hoses that go from one water bridge to the other are causing pockets of air to be trapped in the rear, as that’s something you have changed with the supercharger.

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2 hours ago, Roman said:

There arent any M series engines nearby that transmitted their sickness to your 1UZ?

Came here to say this. 

Glad you found the issue. Hopefully it's as simple as getting new gaskets and isn't a warped head or machining fault. 

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That's a fair way the gas would have to travel to get to the water jacket surely? Wouldn't it create bubbles in the coolant that should blow the coolant out into the overflow? Does it just take a tiny nick and she's all over?


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On 09/03/2020 at 12:25, RUNAMUCK said:

I realise there must have been nowhere else to stick it,

But genius who said "let's put the starter in the Vee of the motor" must have been a special kind of sadist.

Great progress David.


Some absolute fuckwhits are putting the starter in the bell housing now.....

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