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Sheepers' RA28 Celica

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Just now, JoKer said:

is.. (I should click a few pages back)

it actually hot? Ie to the touch, or visiulay?

maybe ignore the meter / sensor? and roll as is

Remember though, it shows normal temp when driving. 

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Been watching a bunch of engines getting built in YouTube. One guy had his water jackets half full of goo from what was probably old stop leak. Another had issues with a newish engine always running warm, full of casting sand still

Both discovered after knocking out the Welsh plugs and highpressuring it out.

Probably you hottanked your block or whatever tho

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hard to say exactly tbh.

temps did drop once we'd sorted the timing issue, but they were getting better all the time. the more load and running it saw the better it got.

so maybe a combo tight new motor and timing issue caused it?

i did learn that you cant use the trigger wire to the coil as the trigger for your timing light because it gives a false reading. i dont know by how much, couple of degrees i would imagine.

but it is false.

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