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  1. All of a sudden even basic cabinetry had got really expensive, the company I got all of this from also didn't have and sort of broom/utility stuff so I ended up having to buy one from homejob10.. Still cost 400 and had to cut it down 100mm as it was too deep. Was pretty painless in the end. Plumbing sorted, Cabinet in, Sides on and shelves in This is the stop end of the main bench (the bit above with the round splotch) wall was a long way out of plumb as you can see by the line so I just butchered the back 3rd of the panel wi
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  2. To explain the previous change in direction a bit, I'm trying to do everything the right way, taking my time and getting rid of any and all rust in a way that's going to mean it's not coming back. Previously I could be found guilty of rushing things a bit under the naïve notion that I could have it on the road ready for the end of high school. Well this is the start of my fourth year graduated now so that's obviously out the window. So for a while now I've been putting far more effort into doing everything the "right" way, rather than the quick way. With that in mind, the next logical ste
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  3. Posted in the discussion thread by mistake. Plasma cutter and carbide burr. Zip zap. It's in and diff is now self supporting. I still need to fill in the small square hole. And pull the diff out so I can finish welding the back.
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  4. Before I set it in for good I recoated both benches in epoxy , the island bench was still ok but the wall bench was my first go and only had one coat on it that was full of air bubbles and was quite rough. It was also easily damaged. Before I started I had to repair the joint between the two sheets of ply that made up the wall bench, epoxy plus fuck off batten screw works.. Next I sanded it all back with 60 grit for keying purposes, looks quite nice just like that. Awesomely, the sander I bought last time I did the bench packed up half way through sanding
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  5. In other news.. Started the interior finishing touches just after lockdown 1.0... Just after nys I bought the rest of the cabinetry to go in the laundry/skullery which included a new sink for the kitchen. I was sick of the old one as it was way too small and asymmetrical. Mmmm, shiney Bit of a measure up, was gonna try and bring it evenly spaced between the front of the bench and the wall but the door hinges had the final say. Out with the old, And time to make a massive mess, luckily the fam was aw
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