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Tech Spam thread - because 1/4" BSP gets 5 hand spans to the jiggawatt

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23 minutes ago, kicker said:

Hey, if I'm bolting a sprocket to a flange with M8 bolts, how much edge distance would would be a good idea minimum?
Flange is thicc as, 20mm+

rule of thumb is 1.5 times the diameter of the bolt

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It's more of a boss than a flange I guess, would only have 8.75mm from edge of M8 hole but it will have up to 100nm of torque through it so maybe a spline or something is needed to transfer the force and the bolts can be to secure it.
Just trying to work out if a part I have found can be used before seeing a beard about it

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Anyone know much about older commodore utes? Am looking at getting a series III (01') VS to replace my AU wagon (obviously it doesn't need replacing, just bored of unrelenting reliability and class-leading style + want a year long wof) . Its ecotec 3.8, I know the automatics don't last forever but any other pitfalls for new players? Rust spots to look out for etc? Chur

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