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  1. I wish it was that easy. In these situations i wish it was like the states with no wof. Would just get a massive shitbox and roll in it all haggared and shitty
  2. Sounds good alex. Just a pity i dont own an old car to join if for a drive
  3. Looks like a really good day. Whats this about next meet at pelorus bridge? If thats a meeting point that would be awesome. Im just up maungatapu road by the bridge. Would love to meet up with you guys if you come through
  4. dirty_leppa

    Any sparkies in CHCH?

    How urgent? Can maybe ask my dad if he has some spare time
  5. Yip. Still alive and barely kicking
  6. I really need to get a running old daily so i can join in on the monthly meets. been too long since i joined a cruise.
  7. dirty_leppa

    leppa's awesome HMX 750

    thought this would be a great way to join the 2 wheel L33T users on here. got given this by Valiant and man was i stoked to receive it. ive had an hmx500 frame and forks lying around for ages, but was too tidy to throw some new style bars and cranks on. after getting these sweet red odyssey dirt paths fro ma mate, i though they would be a great addition to the 750. so after a couple hours work, some genius ingenuity to get the rear wheel to work. i got it sorted. so comfortable to just sit in the seat and cruise down the road on. just needs new seat, pedals and grips, then will be ready to roll to wherever the fuck i care to go. bask in the glory bishes
  8. dirty_leppa

    bike carb manifold design

    for the vacuum side of things, you can use a vacuum manifold. basically each runner has a hose go to a sealed box/compartment to supply a decent amount of vacuum. from there you can have your brake booster/ everything else vacuum run of it. if that makes sense heres what i mean
  9. dirty_leppa

    4 & Rotors 2013

    been postponed till the numbers increase
  10. wont be there guys, busy with moving etc. but as of yesterday, i dont have any spare beds to crash in as a friend is moving in for a short time
  11. dirty_leppa

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    hey cletus, what are the goes with quick release boss kits? my ute is kinda difficult to get in and out of with the current setup inside. thought a quick release boss would help, but not much point if they cant be certified/ are illegal
  12. dirty_leppa

    flywheel machining Chch

    most engineering shops can do it, but ive spoken to tony from clutch systems and he doesnt like to lighten standard cast flywheels
  13. dirty_leppa

    OCTOBER monthly meet: SWAP MEET

    its just something to do together as a club meet chris. more of a look see than a buying expedition. ill be going at 6 on sat morning like i did last year, still heaps of shit to be had
  14. dirty_leppa

    OCTOBER monthly meet: SWAP MEET

    ill grab a ride if you offering chris, cheers
  15. dirty_leppa

    OCTOBER monthly meet: SWAP MEET

    sorry, no. its the weekend of the 14th of october, so next weekend