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Tech Spam thread - because 1/4" BSP gets 5 hand spans to the jiggawatt

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26 minutes ago, tortron said:

for what trans. summit racing and (iirc) rock auto has them


they are like $2usd


BNT didn't have Type-F fluid either. Disappoint

I wanted to fire up my 'running' flathead to show off to the Morrie Club this weekend, but don't need trans fluid all over.


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3 minutes ago, AllTorque said:

As long as the output shaft isn’t spinning it will be fine. Fluid level may not be that high anyway.

What about trans cooler lines? Are you going to loop it?

Does the starter bolt to the trans?

Yeah, I'll just clamp a bit of hose on the cooler ports

Need to block the speedo drive hole (as I found out last night while lifting it)


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Here is some data for a Volvo (brick):


I feel like for something significantly more aerodynamic the fuel consumption numbers would be affected far more by surface roughness

Max difference at each speed for that graph:

50 km/h : 3.6%

60 km/h : 7.2%

70 km/h :  7.6%




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