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    Grass has been getting a little long. so time to give it a trim in other news, just been making a few things stronger, chassis panhard mount. added some braces to lower chassis links on the rear. pedal box was flexing the firewall/wiper tray even tho i took in all 9 of the factory bolt holes. added another bracket back to the cross bar. and hung the brake light switch off it grass trails p/s cap is out in the paddock somewhere
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    Parent hood is slowing progress but im determined to get this done for the next toyota fest. motor came out and striped the firewall ready for paint.I ended up getting the car touched up as i had put a few scratches and stone chips in it .Ive since just got it back from the painters at it looks so fresh,the metallic paint just pops off the shiny clear coat. things to do now is reassemble the whole car and get it ready for cert.i need to either fix my flywheel or find an aftermarket one,if my factory one doesn't work out would a JUN lightened flywheel work for street use? its 1.6kg lighter. Only thing stopping the motor going back in is flywheel,bolts and a clutch setup. also found a good set of SSR F.5 that just need a repaint and widen out to 14x8 hopefully this Canterbury weather holds out for weekend work on the car
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    Time has been marching on, and I haven't touched the van for ages, as I have been so busy with other things.So I decided to book it in at work, as we have a new fabricator just started, and he is rather good! First job was to make the trans mount, and exhaust system. The trans crossmember is a tubular design, from 1 3/4" roll cage tubing. The exhaust is TIG welded 304 stainless, 2" primaries into 3" main pipe, and large muffler with side exit pipe. Next week will be a new engine crossmember and mounts, to a similar tubular design as the trans mount. Also a swirl pot for the fuel injection, weld in the battery tray on the RH side, wiring, fuel lines, air intake, etc.
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    I'm back! had another jobs taking up all my spare time but that's out of the shed and I can forge on with Mine. in the interim, in no particular order I got some dobi springs and mk1 golf gas shocks, front of car bottoms out pretty bad when cornering and bumping. Probably doesn't have bump stops in there but may as well upgrade, they were cheap. Need to shorten the struts to accept the shorter golf shocks. nick the fab wizard at MFS has the manifolds and carbs to cobble together. I got Rob to spec up a cam and kelford ground it, gave stuff to ERS in tai tapu- head planed around a mil, he skimmed the block for free 'cause it looks good and the gasket will grip nice', and installed the cam bearings. brendon gave me a stack of rockers to go through and find a good one so I did, pulled it apart and cleaned up ready. picked engine up last nite so today I cleaned up the ports and casting marks, cleaned the head, lapped the valves, loaded the springs and put the rockers on. also cleaned and polished the crank, rehoned, cleaned out the block and galleries. i was in the mood to assemble it but a mate is keen to see how they go together so I'll hopefully do that this week.
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    Stupid update #3Thought I'd save Darrell the shit job of bolting up the front fenders as some dickhead (me) thought Stainless allen head bolts would be "cool" pointless photo. shitty photo.they do look pretty, I hope I never have to touch them again, the ones up behind the headlight buckets were pigs!Started cleaning up all the dash components, ignition switch came up awesome! love the solid old quality these old "economy" cars have. I got a new/old dip switch awhile ago, which I had also cleaned up and fitted.My original switch fucked out years ago and was replaced with a modern version which when used would make this hollow boing! sound. the lovely old one makes a very satisfying "click clack" like a small rifle being loaded. much better.had to test fit the tail lights. yeah.did a few other wee things like fitted the engine lid seal, polished up the dirty old fuel line and started to suss fitting that, also pulled the new wiring loom out of its box for the first time, would like to try and feed it through the roof before I stick the body back on the pan.
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    So the bolts were exactly were I left them. these two are getting all pally, who knows what it may lead to.... could be the start of a beautiful thang.
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    Darrell came over and gave me a hand last night, Cheers D.Progress was hampered by my dumbass misplacing the pivot bolts for the bonnet hinges. I did get the engine lid on at least.
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    I'm saddened that uptake thus far has been so shabby. your presence creates this event. It's one of only two times per year I get to hangbout/get otp with my os boes from far and wide. attention @Beaver @Dolan @k-trips @Shaz @Big Value Buddy @kicker @cletus @xsspeed @Mof @Threeonthetree @danger @JoKer @kyteler @CUL8R @64vauxhall @piazzanoob @Goat @Archetype @kiwi808 @Nick Ritchie @MightyJoe @Bling @V8Pete @d.p.n.s @Mr.Mk1 @Cullen @Seedy Al @Steelies @grunta @cheerios @AndyGal @Horse25 @Brdflu @mint16 @Fresh If you registered already and I tagged ya, good on you. otherwise, get amongst!
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    I initially went out to the garage to pull the injectors out so I can get them cleaned at some point, as usual I got carried away and decided the loom needed some attention as well. The injector plugs were shit and falling apart, as was the tape holding the loom together. Only the cheapest finest aliexpress injector plugs and tesa tape will do. There is nothing like a relaxing few hours playing with wiring.... (I do actually enjoy it) @yoeddynz Very kindly loaned me his copy of the factory wiring diagram so I was able to identify which injector plug was which. I owe you a beer or three for that! You can see the general shitness of the tape and plugs there Like any barry instead of doing it properly and replacing the plug and wiring I patched it up with more wire and a few layers of heat shrink That was the state of the plugs. The mazda pins clicked nicely into the aliexpress connectors too which was good. only one needed to be cut off as the wire had a few splits in the insulation which I wanted to heat shrink Man barrel crimps are so satisfying when you get them right, from a distance you can pretend they came from the factory. After I replaced the plugs, identified the injectors and partially taped them up The worst bits of the loom have been repaired and I'm happy enough with it. Eventually I'll completely redo the loom as lots of the insulation is getting a bit hard/brittle
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    after selling GP125 it was time to move on to the next project. so i picked this thing up yesterday! 1983 Yamaha SR250, fully road legal and ready to go. at an extremely sharp price it was hard to say no. the dude i bought it off had gone overseas and was chillin in storage, hasnt been used for 4 months so took a wee bit to start it and warm up. gave it a good run today and blew off the cobwebs, such a great ride being able to keep up with open road traffic. sits at 100km/h no troubles if the wind has nothing to say about it. Experiencing finer luxuries like electric start, 12v charging system and a neutral light are a delightful bonus. ' will be a slow build but i plan to tidy it up and turn it into a street tracker/brat style bike. theres a few minor things to get sorted, few gaffa tape side cover repairs and some questionable braking ability at the top of the list. already ordered tracker bars, small speedo and a megaphone muffler. will probs buy tiny battery and gut out the midsection for max lushness. also bought a flat seat with great optimism, but after looking at the frame it is gonna be a real mission to get it to fit nicely without taking to it with a grinder. ideally id like to put a rear hoop in and get it super tidy so we'll see how we go. pix for inspiration
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    Bit more progress today. Made up some bracketry to mount my generic electric fans to the slam panel, ahead of the ae86 rad. Really fiddly getting them to sit right against the rad without attaching them directly to it, but got there in the end. Even managed to modify the original kp radiator clamps to hold it all in place, pleasing. Also wrapped the exhaust manifold. Needs a bit more wrapping, but waiting for some more steel ties to turn up.
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    the good.the bad.the gun spat here on the left rear fender.so I stuck heaps of paint over it so I can hopefully polish it out so it sagged here.and when painting inside the air vent I made this mess, looks like I'll be learning to wet sand paint now!All in all I'm pretty stoked and glad it's over, heaps of runs and spots of over spray and areas of orange peel etc..but not bad for a noob in shed in west auckland.looking forward to assembly.
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    Okay, long overdue an update. Rust patches were sorted by the inimitable @Goat several months ago, sweet! Gearbox mount came together a couple of weeks ago, pretty pleased with it: Exhaust got some love last weekend. Please excuse horribad welds, I'm still new. Got a sweet new shirt: Also got a full set of nolathane bushes. Here's me downstairs bush collection: Rad mountings are also sorted, hurrah! Waiting on a brake kit from MRP, excite. Getting there now!
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    A quick up date before the monthly meeting tonight Big progress on the headers. I am glad I'm not paying for the time that has gone into building them. So far parts alone is $600 and still not finished. Here is the passenger side. It is only tacked together. Everything fits.........just. I am aware that the tube lengths are no where near optimal but I don't think dropping a few HP is going to be noticed. And the drivers side half done And a photo taken just as the welder lit up
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    I wasn't going to start the suspension work for a couple of weeks but I had some time this afternoon and decided to get stuck in. @Valiant was kind enough to send up his homegrown upper ball joint removal tool and I was itching to try it out. I tried to remove the joint with the upper control arm still installed in the car as a couple of members had suggested but it was super tight and I had no hope of moving it. I think this was mostly due to the fact that I was only using a 1/2 inch drive breaker bar and a 3/4 drive adapter. It might have worked if I had a proper 3/4 drive breaker bar. I persevered for a while but I was afraid of slipping and damaging the front wheel arch or guard so out came the control arm and I decided to go big and get some proper leverage happening. The control arm bushes require replacement to I ripped out the guts allowing me to pass a piece of round bar through. Next I held the removal tool in the vice so I could hold the ball joint and had a go at turning the control arm around the ball joint. It took a couple of good swings but I heard a delightful little crack and the joint started to turn in the control arm. Once it started to turn it was easy to remove the joint using the breaker bar and removal tool. After giving the control arm a bit of a clean up I installed the new joint. I had a bit of fun getting the joint to screw in straight but a couple of OS members who have done this job before told me to expect this. After few false starts the new joint started to screw in nice and straight and actually went in fairly easily. While I have the removal tool in the workshop I think I will do the other side so I will see my friends at BNT tomorrow and grab another.
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    So, I thought i started a thread for this car but i cant find it anywhere - or even the other photos i had of it. I inherited this from my Grandad a few years back. He used to pick us up from school in it and when i went around and mowed the lawns (i was about 8-9 years old) id always drive it around the 1/4 acre section. Did my first "skids" on the lawn in this, much to Nana's disgust. I was up in Hawkes Bay this last week and took a few pics of it again. From what i can gather and have been told its a '63 Mk1 Cortina Consul that was column shift until grandad (in his late 80's) couldn't shift it properly. Dad converted it to floor shift with an extra long gear stick which apparently helped. Dad says it has an Escort engine in it but there is a couple of "kent" blocks at the grandparents place in the shed. Its had more parking hits than tina turner due to grandad touch parking everywhere from getting it in and out of the shed to parking at the RSA. We've removed the front bench seat as it wasnt original and was poorly mounted - so will be on the hunt for a couple of bucket seats. Amazingly (bad news in a way) was that he and dad wrecked out a 4 door GT as parts for this (FFS guys you got it round the wrong way) but i have a bucket load of spare doors and bumpers etc which will come in handy. Plan is to load her up fully with all the spares and get it to CHCH, hopefully using a couple of relo jobs through work to move the trailer up there and back. Ill get it running, Rego and Wof and drive it. I want to leave the patina on it for now as thats how i remember it. Will get some decent non shed pics of it asap.
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    Bought about a month or so ago. Old man's and wanted it in family so that was a yes from me Plans.. Cruise and Enjoy. Running 265 V8, New Edelbrock 500 carby.
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    Managed to find some time this week to finish tidying up the upper control arms. I got all carried away and gave them a couple of coats of paint and then took them into work and pressed in the new bushes. Looking very flash now. I am going to take the good advice of OS Valiant gurus and do the lower arm and radius rod bushes as well but that will be next weeks fun.
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    Discus------------> Well I gone and done it again I bought another Mini. This time I wont be selling it! overview: its a mini the plates are on hold! it hasnt been on the road since 2003! and its got some rust! I bought from a fella down in the catlins, what you see here is all It has Im guessing it was used a a bit of a parts car. the front floor pan has had a dodgy repair in the past Its going to be a big job and its going to take forever to do it its got a 998 motor however its not the original donk! plan is to see if i can get it going and go from there on wether I tickle the motor up turbo 998s are what the poms are doing these days so that may be where I go with this cheers for now
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    so not too much actual build progress has been going on for this thing but i have been aquiring a few parts. Have ordered a set of 1.85" Black rims out of Maylasia, these should be here soon, coupled with black hubs and the new chrome spokes i got they should look the businessss with 2.75" tah on the front and undecided for rear yet, wither 2.75 again of maybe a 3.00. main exciting news was a wrote a letter to NZTA asking if i could keen my chur as black plate cos black plates are cool, sent them a photo of it with the letter then like a week later i got a letter back saying i could and to take this in when you go to re register it. 5 minutes later at the local AA at $66 dollars poorer and i left with this - Pretty stoked about that, yay for the beach / cheap rego. nek on the parts hoard was a new legsheild, tick - then a new front brake cable, cush drive, and front end rebuild kit, tick have also got bars, throttle mech, have ordered an 8 pin cdi and loom, bunch of gaskets, next week ill order my 140cc GPX engine and PZ30 mikuni carb, so will pretty much have anything except a seat and tyres. dont want to rip into it quite yet as im still rebuilding a shitty old CT110 that i got, chucked a good weekend at that last week and got it all stripped and painting, just chugging away at the reassembly of that at the moment, hopefully finish up this weekend, just need to true up the rear wheel after i relaced it with new spokes, wrong thread but it doesnt have its on so here is a pic dump of that wee side project - shes a 1994 ag spec CT110 with Hilow box Pretty keen to get this C50 together and to see what it looks like with the mix of nice new parts and super patina paint, hopefully comes out as i am expecting and not just looking like a polished turd!
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    So.. about 4 years ago I brought this little banger off a kid in Cambridge. He didn't want it anymore as it wasn't as fast as all his friend's skylines and shit. I thought cool, I'll take it. This is pretty much how i brought it Nice standard and straight. Good little 1.3 that went hard for the first year i had it untill i managed to get hold of a 1.6 to chuck in. This is back in 2015. We put the 1.6 straight in, was a cunt of a job without the extractors being on a flange... many a curse word was yelled at me from my brother as he helped me out. The 1.6 went hard for about 6 months until christmas day 2015 where it decided to melt a piston going over the kaimais... So off i went on an adventure to melbourne to work and save money for this engine i wanted to get rebuilt. decided to stick with the 1.6 xflow over a pinto as i felt it suited it better than a pinto and also i wouldnt have to get a cert... 6 months past and i returned from melbourne and the rebuilt banger was ready to be picked up from Stick Automotives in Ohaupo. Fully rebuilt with all new internals. Bored out and honed, 1300 pistons, lumpy cam, 10-1 comp, Ported and Polished head.. blah blah the list goes on. Was made to have sidedrafts but they were not in the budget so it got the 28/36 dcd put back on it... Fast forward 7 months, the old twin throat just wasnt coping with the amount and gas i wanted to give it so managed to score me a set of twin 40 delorotos off trade me for next to nothing.. got them rebuilt and chucked on Another 6 months went by which to about feb this year. Moved back to tga from auckland, engine started running like a sack of shit so took it into dynopower to get it properly tuned and balanced... Boy what a difference that made. turns out the little banger is putting out 150hp..
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    Yeah- just strip it down, stretch the oil control springs out, give the plates a scuff with a belt sander, drill some ports and rebuild it using appropriate sized electrical cable for your new water seals. Start early in the morning and you'll be ready for a few laps and a feed of KFC by the evening! You can thank me later..my advice is free.
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    Then half a packet of cable ties later, I've reassembled the pile of broken plastic that came with the bike back into the gauge shape of a legsheild then decided I'd push my luck and ended up getting it registered aswell! 1979 Suzuki 50 EASY AS Pictured in my Harley Davidson plate frame I picked up in Hawaii. Need to get a Smaller plate made as NZ plates are HUGE compared to US plates. and just for old times sake, Showed the FA that started this love affair some affection and fixed a broken wire and fitted up the leg sheild Felix gave me aaaageeees ago
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    i did some hammering and glued in the front inside corner then made up and started gluing in the outside front corner.... then my welder went from being AWESOME to being gayyyyyyyyy. Must be new liner time as wire keeps getting stuck and it then wraps around the drive roller.. did it 3 times and i had a ragequit.
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    Got some clear on this afternoon. Not a perfect job but my first go painting with a gun, so I'm happy. Close up of the colour in faint sunlight:
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    Got up early, excited like a little kid on Christmas. Last night I was faced with the dilemma of where I was going to mount the compact bender. But in the early hours of the morning I had my epiphany! If I mount it with (4x) 16mm dynabolts, into the concrete floor it's going nowhere. And if positioned just out from a door pillar, I can get the full 270° of articulation when both doors are up. The arm can come off and hang on the machine, completely tucked out of the way...and it's in what I would call dead space in my shed i.e. a space that has no other use...win, win...win! It handled the 16mm cold rolled solid rod with relative ease, producing a perfect bend on my first attempt! Fuck yeah...love this tool!!!
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    The Adams Family will most likely be there.
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    well 1st trip with the trailer after finishing it. and glad to say both car and trailer survived it....arse end of the car dropped when he dumped the logs in.
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    Donor car, radiator bent but engine fine, almost every panel bent and tailgate window smashed, not pretty, won't be able to sell much in the way of panels, oh well, full running gear for 5 hundie.... can't really complain. Will be able to fully get into the project in the next few weeks, yippee.
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    Not a fan of the green but got the whole filter cheap, Be keen to sand back and matt black or just rust it up.
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    As per project thread it's road legal, have been going through my emails and text correspondence with compliance place, can't believe it took so long for what, after the panel work, was so little. Anywho, made a cameo at auckland burgermeat on wednesday night, looking forward to a drive or few this weekend
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    You will always be a golden faggot, cunt. See you there.
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    Yay- finally...more people will now be there who I can discuss about quality British cars with
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    I've entered. Once @Shewolf and @Tumeke enter the three of us will sort out flights and a day or two off work. Plus payment. Thanks for the reminder Bart.
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    @nigelwade @Andyling @forced @lowlancer @nismo.capri
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    IF i was going to put a barra in it mate i would go NA with 6 side suckers ....and some cams...that would be plenty of power and the sound.............oh the sound but no im not going to put a barra in it. now back to the valiant with you mate........go on..........off you go........i want to see that thing back on the road
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    Bit of a lazy day, didn't do a lot. But did achieve a few small steps all leading in the right direction.
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    Picked up my BRM 4 spokes today fully refurbed. Thanks to Nigel & Dan from Manukau Auto & Tyres for the top notch workmanship as always. You want your classic wheels restored these guys are the best.
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    Front end rebuild will be the *perfect* opportunity to back those torsion bars off a bit.
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    http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/personalised-plates/auction-1347006420.htm I read it wrong.
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    Haven't done much more to the dash apart from fit it into the cab, as I am undecided how to approach the rusty holes under the gauges yet, a bit too many complex shapes! My Dad had a 55 Chevy steering column laying around, so we started to mock it up. The shaft out of that column had been welded in multiple places so we found another column that had a mint shaft and it was also longer so didn't need an extra universal joint added. The outer tube of the column was pretty average, had lots of extra holes, cutouts and had been shortened, so drew a new one up in Solidworks and got it put through the Tube laser at work. It's now made from 2 inch stainless tube.
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    One complete box ready for action. Body work will start again in a couple of weeks so looking forward to finally getting progress
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