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  1. Cars finally back down on all fours. wheel tubs are all sealed in.
  2. Finally got the wheel tubs spotted in place and sealed against the quarters. I was told by a number of people don’t weld them completely to the quarters as they need to have a bit of flex to them. i haven’t spot welded them to the frame just yet as I need to lift the body one more time so will do that once it’s on for the last time.
  3. I never knew you VHT had a product like that.
  4. Finally that big hole in the floor is finally closed in. Starting to take shape and my welding is getting better.
  5. Started working on the brace for the floor crossmember that was there originally
  6. Firewalls all welded in..time to move onto the last pieces of the trans tunnel.
  7. Finally got the driveshaft tunnel welded in place...time to move on to the firewall and rest of the trans tunnel.
  8. Had my painter mate check out the rear quarters before I moved on to other work. he was happy as..just needs a light skim which is always nice to hear.
  9. I had to turn the car around to do the other side so thought it was time to give it some sun.
  10. First sides all stitched up and came out pretty warping. just need to flap disc it to see if there’s any little holes I’ve missed.