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  1. nels

    Nels Hb viva build

    Got the accelerator pedal all sorted and the radiator mounted. Was finally able to push her outside to get a better look at where I’m at. thought it looks pretty good..may have to move rear wheel arch back a little more to get the gaps a bit closer and more tire clearance.
  2. nels

    Nels Hb viva build

    Haven’t posted for awhile but finally got the firewall all cut out. went to pick a part and found a 82 corolla booster and pedal assembly..couldn’t believe how compact it was..should give me enough clearance for the headers.I was going to run it un boosted but definately is a bonus. my girls bought me an alloy radiator for a v8 hk holden and it fits perfect in there. mate I sold my Chevy nova to gave me a free gas tank as he had three laying around the garage( he said he’s a collector but horder is probably more like it.) any way was a great gift..will weld 2x2 alloy box under it to lift it up to clear rear chassis rails.
  3. nels

    Nels Hb viva build

    Finally got the body sitting where I want it to. starting work on the firewall.