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  1. Firewalls all panelbonded in place. cars ready to flip up level so painter can finish off the front clip.
  2. Finally got two coats of stone chipping on it. man it’s so good to have it one colour under there.
  3. Polished firewall is all templated and holes drilled ready to panelbond in place. will do this once the front clip is painted gloss black.
  4. Hope everyone had a good break over Xmas and new year. i didn’t get much done as we have a new lab pup so plenty of sleepless nights. painter mate dave come over today yo start masking up and prepping the last little bits. with any luck will get the epoxy primer and underseal done this weekend.
  5. One disadvantage of having the garage attached to the house is the fumes. Made up a cheap as extractor fan to help with it all. Back to the last bit of stripping.
  6. First part of the firewall is all cut out. im going to cut the bigger holes for the brake booster and steering column out using a local engineering shops water jet. im getting over this stripping back milarky. painter friend of mine said doing the underneath is the shittiest part of the whole car building process so looks like I have a few more hours to go to get it ready.
  7. Finished off stripping back the old seal and paint ready for epoxy and stone chip. I’m going to make up an old school polished stainless firewall like we used to run in the eighties so made up the template today. cant wait to get this sprayed and back on its suspension.
  8. Great news today. Had the compliance guy inspect the car from top to bottom. He was happy with everything and said go ahead and seal it up and paint it. He wants to see it all back together for the next check and then the last one is taking it for test drives and brake checks. So I was pretty stoked with that.
  9. All the old underseal is all scrapped off ( what a shitta of a job) Can start to get it back to bare metal.
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