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  1. Made up a tool to insert the chrome strip and I installed that today. also found the little chrome clips that cover the back corners and front join. A bit of tinfoil and elbow grease and they will come up like new.
  2. Turns out the front screen was a piece of piss to install compared to the rear screen. Bit more cursing and elbow grease and she’s in.
  3. Polished up the front and rear screens as best I could and removed a couple of decent scratches. Me and my daughter managed to get the front screen in today using the old rope technique and a bit of swearing. I don’t know we’re she learnt that from. The rear screen rubber comes formed for the corners and gets cut and shut which I did today so hopefully get that one in tomorrow. The guys at Basis are checking out the original quarter glass rubber to see if they have something that will work as I’m not running the trim on them.
  4. Got the tach mounted today and the front and rear screens cleaned up ready to install. Found a place in the UK that sells all the rubber and trim pieces for a decent price. Cheaper than rare spares. Cars looking like a complete unit.
  5. Thanks for the feedback on the paint. The Colour was a direct match of the original viva wagon as my mate dave who painted it all those years ago was the one who has done all the stonechipping also. It has a very metallic base to it and should really pop outside in the sun. Its funny cos just finishing up the interior and seeing the green it took me straight back to being in the wagon.
  6. And the red interior is all gone
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