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  1. Here is my cheap version of header cut offs. old school idea..weld the bolt to the rod and weld the end of the rods..cut off excess. make up 5 mill thick circle blank off with bolt hole. undo one nut and it’s full noise.
  2. Some old photos of my first car popped up on Facebook. was a mk1 zephyr with 289 auto and Wolseley diff.
  3. Finally got the bulk of the headers done down to the collectors. Just need to add a bend at the bottom to make them easy to blank off and flange further in. all brake lines also done.
  4. Back in the late eighties I built a ford pop which I sold to a guy in Aussie. He contacted me the other day and sent a couple of photos through of it all painted. I had it finished in black primer so all he had to do was tear it down to paint an upholster. I had it roof chopped 3 inches and we channeled the body over the frame 3 inches also. ran a 302 Cleveland c4 and 9 inch. Came out pretty good I thought.
  5. Slow work on the headers but are coming along.
  6. Yeah there really cool but hard to find the gold anodised ones.
  7. Ordered pipe bends yesterday to start working on the headers. looking more eighties everyday.