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  1. Little bit more done today. starting to take shape
  2. Tidied up the speedo cluster today and started installing interior pieces. steering is finally done from rack to steering wheel.
  3. Finally rid of that shit red colour on the floor. two coats of stone chip to go and 2k clear and she’s done.
  4. Slow progress on the interior but we’re getting there. ive black etched and primered all the window openings so we can spray them in the green. We have gone with the same original colour of the viva wagon which should be cool that way I can keep moving and install the windows.
  5. Found the original code for the green viva wagon so that’s what we’re going with. will spray around the windows so we can get the front, rear and side windows installed.
  6. Roofs all stone chipped and window surrounds are done. Dash needs a lot of work to get right as it was badly pitted, probably from the vinyl pad on top
  7. Looks awesome Jay im sure with your talent it will be a great car. Already sits right.
  8. Brushed all the alloy panels today and think they come up alright. im going to see how much it would be to anodise them black, was thinking all black interior might be a nice change from standard alloy panel interiors.
  9. Just starting to get the interior all sorted. black etched around the windows and dash. dash will need a bit of work we’re I filled the holes in
  10. Looks all good in there now. the white around the lip is just in case I decide to go that way. not sure yet, I’m still undecided.Could still go all retro like the old wagon. what do you guys reckon.
  11. Boots all stone chipped and sprayed out ready for the fuel tank and battery to be installed.
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