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Cletus' '68 Plymouth post car


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36 minutes ago, datlow said:

Have you heard about the wonderful cooling effects of meth :smile:

Will it be attending os drags?

Was considering that this morning actually, there's probably no reason why it can't be finished for that


17 minutes ago, thegreatestben said:

I'm no expert on cooling/airflow but looks like you could close in the air path to go through the radiator better?
Looks fricken chur and still remember going for a ride in your other turbo tank.

Yeah that's a good idea, I might look at sealing around it, I made a panel on the VG to stop air escaping over the top for similar reasons  

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On 23/05/2022 at 13:00, cletus said:

Brakes are a bit spongy, might need next size up master cyl, might improve once they bed in a bit 

Seats are a bit low 

Book for cert and see what they say :thumbleft:

Must have some decent beans when you press the go peddle too.

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Yeah it kinda caught me by surprise.

I had my daughter with me and because everything is new, and not tuned properly yet, was taking it easy

I got on a straight bit and gave it a stab in 2nd gear at about 40k and it lit up as soon as it hit boost  

Kid got googly eyes and said "what was that dad?" 



It makes some good spooly noises when tootling around.

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