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Random slightly cool stuff you built but not worth its own thread, thread


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6 hours ago, tortron said:

Mine has a slide out floor for cleaning, and I penned in the area underneath so they can go downstairs and be out of the rain while still being locked up

So i thought about this way too much. My floor is fixed but at the right height so that i can open the door, park the wheelbarrow under the opening and scrape the contents straight into the barrow so it can be taken to compost or garden whatever.

Made nesting box today. Sits just inside big door(so back of nest boxes are closed in when door is shut) room so we can drag old bedding out under it with a rake type tool, or can lift whole nesting box out and turn upside down into the barrow to clean/ empty it fast. 

Also.. i gave it a flat top. Videos said to have an angled top so they cant sit up there and make poose. But i dont care! If they like it up there and want to cuddle up high then good on them. 

Also in photo is my circular saw guide thing/square. Best thing iv made for the saw, omg. Just line up the right hand side edge to the cut line and use the left edge to guide the skillsaw. Cuts perfect square and accurate to the line every time. So good.



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On 27/08/2019 at 11:26, beachlander said:

Been making some gearknobs recently for the intention of selling them eventually. 

A couple of done so far





That's pretty cool, how do you make em? Reminded me of this youtube video saw the other day, which is ridiculously awesome 


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14 hours ago, KP_wag said:

That'd be super cool, matching walnut swirl knob for yer walnut trim dash... 

Do you finish those on a lathe or do they come out of the mould like that? 

Yea that's sort of the idea, can do colours etc to match cars or whatever people want. 

They come out of the mould as either a cylinder or rectangle depending how I make them then shaped on my wood lathe

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