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    So as mentioned in the discussion I made it to the wof garage with no major issues. I have learned to ignore the temp gauge.. it tells lies. Maybe wrong sender for the cluster I'm using that's the old one from Viva one. The fuel gauge ain't working. The alternator light randomly comes on ..I suspect a bad earth. The speedo cable has now snapped at the other end ! But I made it and it was in good hands.. After wowing the tester as he's never seen an HB wagon before I walked off to do some shopping. I was hungry as and had a nice pie while I waited for the result. Whilst going shopping I spotted this.. I chatted to the owner, an old boy who's very proud of his Viva. He actually has a Datsun engine with a 5 speed box, fitted by the fella doing my wof. Finished shopping, walked back to the garage. Car was moved inside... Did it pass???? It did! Yes One of my sidelight bulbs was out. I'd known about it but forgot. He chucked another bulb in and passed it! (I have to fix the speedo asap which I will do so tonight). Yay!!!! Straight to the post office for some rego. So I drove home happy, checked the ignition timing with a mates light and it was indeed probably 10-15 degrees to advanced! Its also running lean but damned if I can move the jet down. Might put a slightly smaller O ring in that wont jam up. Got home. Took photo of this... Hung these in place... and sat back for one of these... A very, very happy man I am ! So speedo cable to sort then tune the engine. Change the oil. Get radiator leak soldered. Then in between driving I want to sort out the boot floor with some plywood and make it all flat ready for bikes etc.
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    A very exciting evening was had for us. We drove the wagon for the first time. In fact it’s the first time its been on the road since around 1999. I had been intending to have it ready to put through a Wof test on Thursday so we can hopefully take both Vivas to the Nelson area Oldschool meet in the weekend. But it turned out that my wof fella was booked out then. So I booked it for tomorrow and with that little carrot dangling in front of us we both set to work pronto to finish lots of little jobs. We almost had the list checked off but for fitting the bonnet, a side mirror and getting the windscreen washers sorted. The mirror will have to be a little purse mirror taped into the empty side mirror shell that I nicked from the Datsun 120y sitting out back. The windscreen washer is the original old push button type that I just need a reservoir for and the bonnet is now on in place after some quick rust repairs… I also pinched a filter from Hannahs Triumph wagon. It fits well enough and will do until I get something nicer.. Before it got too late in the day I thought I’d better take it for a drive. Its not idling right and shakes about a bit. My timing light bulb is blown so I cant check the timing. I can’t do it statically with a bulb and some wire as it now has electronic ignition. So I just twisted the dizzy until it sounded about right. The carb jet height is set at two turns down since I stripped it, as per Mr Haynes advice . I have no idea what’s going on but it runs. I jumped in and left the shed. I drove down the slope from the shed and heard a loud sound. Ha..I forgot that I had not cut the front lower corner of the front arches away to clear the wider wheels (a standard mod needed for Vivas) . Back into the shed again and out with the angle grinder. Then back out again and this time a little drive just up our driveway to start with. Brakes needed a good application to scuff off the rust on the discs but otherwise it was OK. Took some photos when it was at the top of our drive… I really like this next photo I took from our field with all its spring growth.. ( I have given up on mowing up here).. Hannah walked down and got the recycling bin and tried out the wesome useful load space.. Then back to the shed. I grabbed my tool box, phone and a shirt to stay warm for a possible walk home. First drive on the road here we go. OK not a biggy.. just 3km down the road to the beach. Hey wow.. it goes well! It wanders a little bit and needs and alignment but peppier than I expected. Steering is very light and the clutch is fine. Pretty quiet for a car with no bonnet and no carpets etc. It fun. Excited. Happy! Wow.. I did it. Yay. Down at the beach some old lady remarked how she used to own a Viva when she spotted it as I snapped some photos. I was sort of in an elated but slightly nervous, excited mood and didn’t really concentrate too much on what photos to take. I just snapped away and was happy to be there in the sun after all this time working on it. Drove home and showed the neighbour over the road. We spotted a weeping header tank seam on the radiator… Oh well.. hopefully it’ll hold for a trip to town and the test and I’ll get it sorted out later on. Water pump leaks too but I have 3 spares so will swap one in. Hopefully tomorrow I will also get the bulb for my timing light and properly have a crack at tuning it better. Next to Viva one and getting Kevins approval.. Please wish me luck with the test tomorrow!
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    so went with the 185/60/13's, not much stretch at all on the front, and only a little on the rear. Yet to have the car fully weighed down, but looks like clearance at the back will be all good - just! Guard gap is still bugging me a bit, but can't really go much lower without major mods unfortunately. Also gave up with my friend who was going to tidy up the valance for a cash job, he's way to busy and it looked lame without it on - so just sprayed it myself and fitted it. Doesn't line up perfectly but looks better than without it. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53792-oldrx7s-1977-mazda-929-wagon-discussions/
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    So, seeing how my VL project was pretty much done (for now) the wife and I decided it was time to buy a nice big cruiser. Actually that's a lie, I found this on trade me, it tickled my fancy and I sent the link to the missus, now she has wanted a 63/64 Impala lowrider for pretty much as long as I've known her so I figured I was pushing the proverbial uphill, so to help my case I followed the link with a selection of 61's in lowrider style. And what do you know she was keen So with the car being in Wellington and myself being in Auckland I asked a couple of awesome OSers if one of them would be able to look at the car for me. Turns out Seedy Al was just down the road from the car an he kindly agreed to look at it for me. Gave me a good run down of the car. Money was transferred and the car was transported to Auckland!! Here's some pics: So it's a 1961 Belair, 235 cube blue flame 6 cylinder, 3 speed manual column shift, it had an average respray in the states, and has just had the roof painted by the previous owner, It needs both front floor pans replacing, all suspension bushes replaced, get the wipers working, replace all the suspension bushes, replace all four shocks, get the brakes up to spec, replace the headlights (which I've started today with a semi sealed upgrade) Have ordered most of the parts from chucks restoration, and they should be here tomorrow so will update thread then. More pics for Fred, And the best thing it is...... It fits in my garage, Discussion Thread
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    Back cruising this thing again. W58 seems a bit nicer ratio and the clutch is a shitload nicer to drive now. Found that the bracket holding the clutch slave is super off centre and means the rod pushes up at an angle so going to see Chris/EURON8/Strange to either fab new one or modify this so it pushes straight. Also noted when digging around it has 3/4 master cylinders on the Wilwood pedal setup which is likely some of the problem with the brake pedal being so hard to push so will investigate 5/8 cylinders when I can be bothered digging in around there to get them out as they're right up under the dash. Drags this weekend, will be interesting to see what it can do on street tyres, not overly fussed in going to hard out in making it drag spec but if it is super shit on traction will look at some radials for next time out. Also, I always polish my stuff....
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    Finally made a change from making the car further away from being on the road, to doing something that is a step in the right direction, Put my first coat of POR15 down: Came up fantastic, I was told by the panel beater we use at work to seam seal it once it gets to the point my finger leaves a finger print but the paint doesn't stick to my finger, so while I was waiting for that I etch primed the underneath of the floor pans, I then checked and it was ready for Seam sealing. Ran a thin bead first and worked it into the Seam with a paint brush, then ran over it again with a thick bead and gently spread it over the whole Seam. Very happy with the outcome. Finally I leave you with a picture that I've been using for inspiration, if I can get my car looking half as good as the one in the following photo I'll be happy (plus the Fred needs photos and the one I posted is potatoe spec/boring)
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    Bit more polishing/sanding runs and putting the last of the bling on, looks nice out in the sun for a change The short drive and out of the shed confirms the engine has to come out, it starts and revs ok, idles away, quiet tappets, but blowby is silly, just steamy/smoking out the engine bay and a good coaster sized blob of oil under the bell housing (that only leaks when engine is running). Lesson learned - i should have pulled it completely apart to check and clean properly when i had the sump of the first time, i checked the bores and a couple of bearings and just assumed . So good timing for the main parts needed turned up from Mr Fiat ,Headgaskets x2, rear main seal (x2) and some random coolant hoses to buff out the shipping. I already have a set of std NOS rings i found cheap on ebay. IN winscreend news, AALAWS put me onto a chap who can get Screens made new (custom tinted) from a place in the UK for ~$500-650 which seems fair, BUT + ~$2200 for custom crate, insurance, shipping, GST and etc. Chucking even one additional screen in would halve the landed per unit cost, but even then its still $1800 bucks and a 12 week wait Fingers crossed for a NOS or second hand one a bit closer to home. I will try an actual phone call to the big windscreen warehouse places as their 'contact us' forms dont seem to generate any responses, but i have sent a rough template off too a guy who knows a guy with a shed full of old FIAT screens (amongst other stuff). I need to do some work on the 125 for drag day/wof , and have a big tidy out the lockup for a shuffle around( get the parts wagon in and parts 125 out stripped and off to the scrappers), so i dont think i will make too much more substantive progress on this for a while as im waiting to find a screen anyway and at least its complete, looks cool, and can move itself around.
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    Christmas came early!!! Also forgot to mention earlier. I sent my wiper motor off to be repaired, Wayne Grimmer at Western auto electrical did a fantastic job and for a reasonable price ($320inc where as a new one was $550-800 depending on whether I imported myself or went through chucks) the fuel gauge didn't work it always read full. I carried out checks to make sure that it wasn't a faulty sender or a short in the signal wire, which it wasn't. Sent the gauge to Robinsons instruments who found an internal short and repaired if for $160, So now all the electricals are working good (except for the dash lights which isn't very high on my list of concerns) Now the waiting game to send the car off for the floor pans/seatbelt mounts begins. Then install airbags, refit interior, cert, compliance, Drive.......... if only it was that easy haha
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    Well I got the old girl home at the weekend, so now the hard work starts for me! My dog Ziggy keeping an eye on things Started with a fun job, scraping off the old seam sealer, the missus is chomping at the bit to get the car done so I put her to work to help scraping it off. All done now so hopefully this weekend I will have the rest of the floor ready to por15 and Seam seal Really stoked with the quality of work from Matt at Tin Tricks/custom metalshapers Look him up on Facebook under Tin Tricks! Hopefully have some regular updates from here on in!
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    The other cool thing is i can still bang the water blaster pump on and wheel it where i want now. Multi purpose as fuck.
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    Was hoping a Dio exhaust would fit without too much hassle, looks like a bit of chopping is needed from a couple Japanese sites I have found. ^The Ruckus wheels look pretty sweet on these
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    This is what screwed me at superlap! Filter bag on the fuel pump looking like a tea bag haha, damnit. Big thanks for Stu to get me a new fuel pump in time for drags, and Dave Sentra for helping me fit the new pump. Cant wait for the weekend!
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    Except in style. Come on bart.. nothing from Japan can compare to the sweet pininfarina lines of an ADO16 . Plus the standard handling and steering feel of the old japanese cars I've owned or driven doesn't match to any old Vauxhall I've driven. But yeah.. datto(or any jap engine) engines replacing any pom engine makes so much sense.
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    Oh yeah for sure.. its a well known fact that the Japanese went to Britain, investigated and learned first hand how the Poms built cars. They then went back to Japan with this knowledge and a strong desire to do things better. Using their excellent work ethic and technology they refined the car building process and built cars that would rust even quicker!
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    IT'S ALIVE... Loosely assembled in these pics but the heart beats, and sounds great, nice bit of rort. Spent bloody ages chasing why no spark and seemed to be grease on the new points, bit of a swipe with 120 grit and some Brakleen and chocks away. Got her into top gear round the back yard, till told to shut up by kids as it was a tad noisy and they were in bed... Sorting rest of lectrics and adjusting clutch, brakes etc and should be good for her maiden voyage [musn't lose focus and move onto next project as tends to happen]...
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    I'm an absolute sucker for originality, so I vote a respray in the original red!!
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    kinda want to see one with the nosecone raised and used as a front fairing/windscreen, with clamp-ons tucked inside..
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    Small update. Have been getting all the bits and pieces ready for the cars return (which has been delayed, but more on that later) just got all the airbag brackets back from powdercoating, All my parts turned up from rockauto so should be able to minimise the leaks, get a decent supply of fuel, and get rid of the minor driveline shudder, New Grants steering wheel has turned up, just waiting for the bosskit to turn up. So exciting to have all the parts turn up. It's like Christmas all the time haha Like I said unfortunately we have run into problems at the metal workers, Clint has been out and feels that the rear floorpans are too thin and as such he won't cert the seatbelt mounts. Fair call obviously, so new floorpans are on their way to Custom metalshapers and all going to plan they will be able to start on them next week and have the car back to me by the end of next week. Then I'll paint the inside of the floor with POR15, etch prime and underseal the underneath. Then it's onto the airbags!!! Got to add one more picture and while it's not related I'm sure most of you will recognise Shakotom...... That's right it took 4 of them to get one silicone hose off of a piece of alloy pipe,
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    We can't all work at joe pace.
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    Nice job Micheal. You're shed is to big. Buy more cars.
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    Seat arrived today, thanks AliExpress! Not going to be attached for a while (until after its rereged anyway), but I couldn't help mocking it up.
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    Sweet unicycle dude, any progress with the engine? P.s nice watanabe
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    Dents add character, dents are good. Edit: you should see the bad side.
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    Plus datto's are much lighter (and more water soluble too) Less weight coupled with the proper amount if horsepower for a given displacement makes for all the fun. Tis a shame you never experienced my a15 first hand.I should have given you a turn in it. Much regret.
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    You can buy carb kits off eBay a lot cheaper than from r.e. p.c.o. too.
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    Congrats on getting so far. I would nag you until you block me to put an a series datto in it. But one will bolt into your datto like it was meant to be there. And once you've fanged in a datto, you'll see why Japan buried the UK car makers.
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    So the piston rings are mega stuck, heat and penetrant not working and the rest of it doesn't look too flash so I'm looking for a replacement. Can't find anything listed as a Beat piston, I have a parts catalogue on the way which will help with part numbers. Bore and stroke are 40 x 39.3 which is common to some other Honda scoots of the same vintage but one difference is this runs a 12mm pin so I looked at oversize Dio pistons but height might be an issue with those. Eventually I found something on eBay which looks to be perfect, measurements all match up, just waiting on a couple details and it's $45 delivered.
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    Gotta be a 1256 hanging around somewhere for you.
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    Have you considered a 2zz?Congrats on getting the wag back on the road!
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    Roof racks to hide big solar panel. And a trunk fulla lithium batts. Monsta high torque elec motor upfront. Hahahaha
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    Awesome fucking work alex! You must be so damn proud to get it this far. Well done.
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    Bunnings on sale got it 6 months ago under $300 dont recommend though not that flash motor is sweet though.
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    I smoked the original electric motor after a few downhill blasts running the poor 24volt motor at 72v knowing it was almost stuffed, surprisingly it is stable at 70-80ks and should be better again with a proper rubber tyre on the back. Getting drive to it is the last challenge which looks doable i just need to throw it in my boot and go to saeco or something and get everything in one hit.
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    Haha yeah it's a hard choice man but i'm definitely swaying towards the orange like such.. It just looks so good!
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    Well the tedious job of stripping the remainder of the floors has been finished. Not a fun job at all, and not made easier by the fact that the previous owner had used contact glue to put the carpet in so there was a nice layer of hardened glue to get through before I even got to the paint. Before: After: Also had a fight with the knotted wire wheel, I lost: While my son slept today and I was on limited noise allowance from the wife I made a start on some of the little engine jobs, I replaced the side plate gasket, replaced the rocker cover gasket, fitted a new fuel pump, fitted a new set of ht leads. Doing this work highlighted a few things. Firstly getting the dizzy back in (needed to be removed to get the side plate off) is a real pain in the arse as it drives the oil pump too and getting that lined up took me a while as it feels like it's all located an the engine starts an runs but has no oil pressure. Secondly the valve clearance needs to be set as there is no clearance at all. There's is still more gaskets and seals to be replaced but they are at the bottom of the priority list. Tomorrow I should be good to wipe the floor down with brakelene, and put the por15 metal prep down, then Tuesday all going to plan should see the first coat of por15 and seal sealing get done! Feel free to tell me there was an easier way to have done this: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53628-bens-61-belair-talky-talk/page-3#entry1773980
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