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  1. Ok, time to start another project thread.. just drove my 121 back from storage with the plan to revert it to its former glory which, wont really take tooo much, fingers crossed.. Discuss.. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/33439-yetchh-121/& Former glory (circa 1999) present day, back in the garage after a 10 year hiatus.. felt very dodgy driving with one headlight and lapsed reg and some crazy grinding noise from the rear.. anyway, pics Temporary storage.. Back home.. 12 years worth of dust.. what it had w
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  2. So after discovering that the food at the Honest lawyer was not all that and expensive I thought we could try meeting at Sprig and fern Tahuna then possibly doing a cruise somewhere for food? Has anyone tried the food at the Bedford Bar? (yes rest of NZ if you're reading this.. we have a pub named after an old truck brand and it also has old K types outside ) I not been there yet and it appeals if for no other reason than its got old trucks out front ..and is Vauxhall/GM... Also- Hannah and I spotted a sweet mk1 Cortina wagon in white and sams old trump cruising out to Kaiteriteri
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