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  1. I too have done this at a school concert. Count me in for tomorrow's dinner.
  2. I just came to check where this is happening because I thought it was tonight, but now I'm disappointed to learn that it's only Wednesday today. Long week is long. See you guys tomorrow instead!
  3. I drove this on Saturday and I'm still grinning like an idiot.
  4. Also, in casual conversation, the Shazfather speculates that you're out 180 degrees.
  5. Shhhh... I don't like to brag about that. I can't handle all the manties and proposals that get thrown at me! On a less spammy note, I am so glad that things are finally working out.
  6. In that case I should go and put it in the car now so I don't forget.
  7. Seeing this post just reminded me that I have parts here for you. Do you want me to bring your freshly rebuilt carb. up to the lockup tonight?
  8. I'll try the VC and VL keys I have in my archives.
  9. I know for a fact that my VB keys will start his VH too*. *Actually I'm sure any pointy object will start any Commodore of a certain age.
  10. I'm glad you have this sorted. Perfect timing! I suspect we have a hangover scheduled for Sunday morning.
  11. Indeed. It's pretty much expected. Edit: In hindsight, that was actually a fucking stupid question. Captain Obvious apologises.
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