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  1. I too have done this at a school concert. Count me in for tomorrow's dinner.
  2. I just came to check where this is happening because I thought it was tonight, but now I'm disappointed to learn that it's only Wednesday today. Long week is long. See you guys tomorrow instead!
  3. Please get a really ugly wedding dress.
  4. That link says 8 March 2015. Edit: I think this is the correct link. http://www.eventfinda.co.nz/2016/the-wellington-truck-and-transport-show/upper-hutt?utm_campaign=also-visited-events&utm_medium=click-through&utm_source=2015%2Fthe-great-wellington-truck-show%2Fupper-hutt It says Sunday March 13, 2016. I'm keen.
  5. And it looks like the sun is going to leave us alone for a change!
  6. We're heading to the camp out past Wainui, not Kaitoke. I had the same wrong idea in my head last week too.
  7. Was anyone upset by the presence of Princess Ruby at the last meet? (This slutty beast) She loves the beach so I thought I might bring her along again. If she's a menace for anyone, I'll leave her behind though.
  8. That sucks! Should we send ribs to the hospital?
  9. I think you have to get in the back of the Morresey van to collect that option.
  10. I'm also keen for multiple animals.
  11. I'm pretty sure I actually saw that guy on my last trip to Jay's.
  12. I will always call that place Jay's. I'm going there for dinner tonight.
  13. Sweet. I'll head over at 5.30pm. I'll be sitting there reading a newspaper with eye holes cut out*. * This part may be an outright lie.
  14. Zang! It's called Plaza Pizzeria in the Kilbirnie Plaza. Did you come with us last time we did movie night? It used to be Love a Coffee Café. http://www.pizzerias.co.nz/pizzeria.php?oid=v5y70v8u&slug=plaza-pizzeria-kilbirnie-wellington
  15. Yes, I was just coming in here to ask the same thing. I finish work in Kilbirnie at 5pm and I'll have two hours to kill. It's not worth going home in rush hour traffic only to turn around and go straight back to the eastern suburbs. There's a café in Kilbirnie with good pizza if you're that way inclined, or there's curry, roast, KFC, Miscellasian and pub food.
  16. I will be attending. I can't make a call on the choice of movie though because Bullitt is the only one I have seen out of all the options that have been put forward. Any of them will be a new experience.
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