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  1. Got that jacket airing out on the line at the moment. Smells like rubber and fires. Got that jacket airing out on the line at the moment. Smells like rubber and fires.
  2. Holset recore went in quite a few months ago and has been going strong. Car is running about 17psi constantly with no issues. Whipped a wideband on it for an afternoon and its running nice and rich still. Who says you need a Link? Power is good now, pretty happy with it, if it stays reliable then even better. Next on the list is rebushing the rear subframe and some wheel bearings. Probably need to get onto some minor rust work sometime soon. No new pics soz.
  3. Got this bike a few months ago. Pretty sweet. Probably going to keep it stock as its pretty mint but might be swayed into some cheeky mods if I can easily revert the bike back to stock. Sounds good and found out a couple of weekends ago that it does good burnouts.
  4. Excited. Will try not let Lee and Bizzo in our dorm room this time. This is the new nats.
  5. Long time no post. Popped a turbo at Toyota Fest earlier this year. No major damage to anything apart from one of the turbos. I always knew it would pop one sometime so no major stress, it was running about 10-11psi every time I drove it. I had a single turbo manifold lying around that I had purchased a few years back knowing I would need it one day. Max along with Simon and Robbie from SURFAB all took turns in doing the conversion for me. The manifold was a bit rugged so required a skim and some welding magic to make it acceptable. A gen 2 RB25 turbo was acquired and modified to fit the engine bay etc. A sweet downpipe was created. Plenty of little modifcations to the turbo, oil and water system etc were made and she was ready to go. Fired it up and had white smoke galore. Found out this turbo is ball bearing and needed an oil restrictor, installed that and it made things better. Have been boosting it around on 10psi and it feels like a completely different car. Feels more responsive, more torquey and pulls much nicer through all the gears. Very happy. Tested Air Fuel and it was running healthy with the factory fuel system, not leaning out. Only problem is the white smoke issue has not completely gone away, after lots of reading and discussions the consensus is the turbo is poked, most likely a rear oil seal. Oil is seeping into the exhaust and burning on the hot exhaust creating the white smoke. Next... Turbo is now on its way to Steve Murch for a Holset recore. He can use the modified housing etc I have, replace the core. Deletes the water system and sends it back. The factory turbo is ceramic wheel so I was always limited with boost and the very real possibility of it letting go and taking a quick trip through my engine. New turbo should be no smoke, more reliable, allow more boost and just generally be more awesome. Should get it back in about 2 weeks. Also had a noisy diff, ended up yoloing it and getting a new TRD 2 way centre put in. gomaxgo did a full rebuild on it for me and set it all up properly. Cant believe how awesome it bites compared to the rinsed out factory LSD. Thats about it for now, will put up some more pics etc when the turbo is back on again. Here are some photos of various changes: Completed Engine Bay Turbo before shipping to Steve Murch Down pipe etc. LSD love Recent Shot from OS Hamner Meet with a cheeky Bubblegoose in the window
  6. So went to Toyota Fest at the weekend and thrashed the shit out of the Mark II at Highlands. First time on a track and man was it amazing. Most fun I have had in years. Managed to finally pop a turbo. I have always said when I pop one of the twins its time for a single turbo conversion so its all on in about a month when my mate can start on it. Going to get the head rebuilt as well as its got an oil leak in the headgasket and needs stem seals done. Already have a single turbo manifold, so need to source turbo, injectors and probably get a Link Atom wired in. Will take pics as I go along. Car was left in Cromwell and getting shipped back tomorrow.
  7. Hey KK! The link on my first post to the discussion thread doesnt work. The URLs are different.
  8. Discussion thread is now here: // Admin can tidy this up if they see this and cbf, not sure why its wrong?...
  9. #billetforthebruddahs Fuckin pining Horse
  10. Car is for sale: //
  11. Kirk I have put some interior shots up finally. And yeah it rides fairly similar to before I lowered it. Just bottoms out every now and again if its a massive bump.
  12. Also finally got some interior pictures sorted, my dog Toto loves to hang out on the leather. Anything that looks wood is real walnut veneer, anything that looks leather is leather and yes it has red carpet in the back haha. Dash, driver has heated seats, control of all 8 electric windows, door locks, 8 way electric seat, digi dash with maintenance computer, cruise control, TEMS, auto dimming headlights, electric boot with soft close, and electric fuel popper: Headunit: Rear control unit, wireless air conditioning remote and stereo controls pops out: Century logo: Dash, swinging air vents with adjustable speed, full climate control with separate zones: Toto chilling, his legs arent long enough to go through the seat: Centre console, has a writing surface with cupholder, storage for tapes, comes with factory Toyota headphones and built in tape-deck with recording features: Technics tape-deck: Rear door controls, main window and smokers window. Heated seat control and recline controls, every door also has its own ashtray and lighter under the metal slider: Coolbox, airvents and air purifier: Light controls, one aims on your lap and other aims more broadly into the footwell. Massaging seat controls, one switch turns on and off and the other changes the intensity: Vanity mirror or rearview mirror for the rear passengers. Controls for the front passanger seat so you can adjust the angle and distance when the footrest is down: Footrest:
  13. Got side pipes made up by the wonderful Simon at Surfab. Sounds radical. Heres a video:
  14. Tried some wheels, now I need to find some to buy!