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  1. 1,645KG so its pretty nimble! A dumpy would be amazing. Maybe in like 20 years haha. Its almost always charged at home overnight. Current rate is 13c per KW. So my daily charge cost is around the $4 mark but fluctuates depending on my driving. A "fill" from 0% to 100% would be around $10. Superchargers are more expensive at around 40c per KW so a "fill" is around $20 or a bit more. It is truly an amazing car as I am sure you are more than aware with a P3 haha. Yes I have indeed seen the loose RWD one. Its tempting to give it a go but dont want to void any warranties.
  2. Might keep the rig at home if we are getting golfball hail.
  3. This is the slow one. 5.6 seconds. Although it got a 20HP bump in an update on Friday so might be lower now.
  4. I do remember that yarn! Thanks man. Been a long road to get here. For sure would be keen to take you for a spin if I am ever up that way or just hit me up if you are ever down here!
  5. Thats the long term dream for sure. Some Tesla Powerwalls and a solid solar setup.
  6. Yeah the car will find the Tesla Superchargers on its own. Otherwise there is an app called Plugshare which shows you all the public chargers and their locations. Very easy. Have not needed a public charger since we got back to Christchurch though. Wake up each morning with a full battery charging at home.
  7. Stopped at SuperChargers in Hamilton, Taupo and Palmy for about 20mins at each. We went via Hawkes Bay for a night so had a charge up in Hastings on one of the Charge Net chargers for about 30 mins. One quick 20 min charge in Blenheim while we had a toilet break and another in Kaikoura while we had fish and chips and that was it. Basically every time we stopped we got something to eat or drink, had a stretch and a toilet break and maybe waited for 5 mins in the car and that was it. Very stress free and not at all an issue. Some of the charging we probably didn't even need to do it was more just piece of mind and it also meant I could give it a good thrashing from time to time with plenty of juice.
  8. I have lowering springs for it already haha. Its not getting 35mm treatment like the Mark II as I am old an mature cunt now and it is my daily. It just sits at a slightly too rude height at the moment so the 1inch drop its getting should help fix that. Apart from that I will probably get the OEM performance spoiler for the rear as I like that look. Chrome delete and tints. That should probably do it for now. Maybe in the future when I get bored it might get some wheels. The wheels in the above picture are actually hubcaps ontop of mags. I kept them on for extra efficiency when I drove it down to Christchurch but they are long gone now. I dont like them. The wheels look like this after removing the aero caps:
  9. So I went and found the absolute most polar opposite vehicle to something oldschool If mods think this is a boring daily feel free to delete. My now 1 month old Tesla Model 3 Standard Range +. I have been a Tesla fan for many many years and it has been a long term goal to own one. So this is the new daily. All I can say is what an absolutely phenomenal vehicle. All you need to do is drive one of these and you will be sold. I am still into oldschool so dont get me wrong but man, these cars are really next level. Thought I would throw a post up as probably a bit out of the ordinary for oldschool haha. Anyone got an oldschool sticker for the back window ha? Here it is on its maiden voyage down south from Auckland:
  10. Its certainly a far cry from anything oldschool and even a far cry from most brand new combustion engine vehicles TBH. Bloody outstanding vehicle, worth every penny. Might go and make a post about it, I am sure some people will be interested.
  11. I have the absolute complete opposite of an Oldschool car to bring to the next meet
  12. I got a dose of man flu so couldn't make it. Will try come next time.
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