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Welder buying spam


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2 hours ago, kws said:

Anyone else unable to find mig gas on the Bunnings website anymore? Doesn't bode well. 

Might have to look more into straight CO2 myself since argon seems to be hard to get ATM. 

I went in to get a fresh bottle a few weeks back and the trade guy said they hadn't had a delivery in months......

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I recently bought this one:


Pretty sure its the same machine as the bossweldTS200  (looks identical, just a different color). It seems fine, haven't used it in anger. But HF start is lush. Has 3yr warranty.
Has provision for foot pedal too. And the unit itself is tiny. Makes it easy to store when not in use.
The booklet that comes with it is a bit ham, can just use the boss weld booklet from the boss weld site. 

My only issue with it is it highlights how terrible my hand-eye coordination skills are. Can't just poo stuff up like a mig. lol

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Just finally (after 20 years) pulled the trigger and bought a decent tig I sold off my big mig to buy it and threw some car project money in so I could get an ACDC unit so can do alloy.

This brings me to the fact its way flasher than anything I've used before, where the fuck do i start? I can weld fortunately but I'll definitely be rusty so any interesting websites or YouTube channels I should watch? The lingo has me baffled.


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Spent up a storm at GASPRO in Hamilton this weekend getting my existing Co2 recertified and filled and also bought a Argon bottle to go with my Tig. 

$730 later...... had a good yarn though so I tried to get my bottle done by Coregas who couldn't say when I'd get it back so they said to go there, Gaspro has basically got everyone's bottles going through them now Bunnings swappable Coregas you name it.

Lockdown restrictions have paralysed everyone as they are filled in Auckland. 

There you go just go to them 1-3 days for a fill and they are cheaper.

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6 hours ago, Guypie said:

Gaspro have always been excellent in my experience. One day I turned up with my CO2 and they filled it on the spot, I'm glad to hear they can sort out my argon bottle when it runs out.

I've switched over to them $60 for a Co2 fill can't go wrong. Some welding consumables in store too which he gave me for free mig tips etc.

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Got my new Tig today much excitement ensued banged everything together smashed some settings into it without reading the manual and turned out this weld on my kids quad frame. 

Little hot not pretending I was an expert before but shit that's passable. Forgot how rapidly the arc gives you sunburn.

Just a tad over $2k for the new setup Strata 200A ACDC Tig ex demo including a bottle I bought from Gaspro Hamilton welder was from Proline in Nelson.



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