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Downloaded an Everlast instruction manual, so much more detail than BOC give.

0 is 50/50 balance, so either -30 or 30 is 70% (I'm still reading it lol)


I've been aiming for balled tungsten the whole time lol


Edit: Between the Everlast instructions and the video @Transom posted I think I've got it figured it, -30 is 70% negative.

it was about 30 where the tungsten was balling and splattering away so yeah that would have been 30% negative.

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Think I'm getting it figured out again


/\ 80Hz, 70/30ish (edit 80/20, -30 on the setting, 0 is 50/50 so -30 would be 80/20) , 120a, pulse 2Hz down to 80a. Filler rod from Bunnings kept giving bright green flashes and leaving the soot marks??


Same amperages and balance, 120Hz.

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Does anyone else have an Optrel panoramaxx helmet?

I need some of the replacement front lenses. 5000.270. Mine are all burnt and stained. I might have a go polishing an old one... like plastic headlights.

Looks like they will cost about $90(incl freight) for 5 from Proline Welding supplies. I guess $18 each doesn't sound so bad... for a molded bit of plastic.

Is this pretty much how much they cost everywhere, or is there somewhere better to get them? 

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WD40 didn't do much. I gave it a polish with jif. Definitely an improvement, the staining is much reduced, but it's a little hazy still. Clearer than it was before, but not like new. Still want to get some new ones.

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