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Random slightly cool stuff you built but not worth its own thread, thread


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Will do @Valiant . Its a horizontal unit, light enough to tow with a quad (I don,t have a quad but). Are there pics of the front of your splitter with the engine/tank etc? Always interesting to compare different ways of tackling the same job.   Home next week. Can't remember how to post pics etc so @scooters will need to hold my hand. Will stick it in the Chainsaw fred, maybe post the other shit I haven't got around to as well. Proper Barry here mate.

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On 28/08/2019 at 22:45, beachlander said:

I've made some moulds up, it's a 2 part resin and use different coloured pigments to get the desired look. 

Have just invested in the gear to start stabilising wood so can do hybrid wood/resin ones such as the video you posted which I'm excited to try

Shit those knobs look the smicko man. What brand resin and pigments do you use. I have a steering wheel to have a go at but I haven't found my brave pills. I want a kinda see-thruough green with flake in it. I have green glitter and clearcast resin and have made a MDF template I was going to pour a 2 piece Plaster of Paris mould around. Not sure about runners/risers etc so procrastinating. What are your moulds made of to get that finish?

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have you seen the 'crafty Russian' that likes to use those Freon tanks for making dumb facebook "diy" stuffs?

He just vents them atmo (like every time)

I've blocked or snoozed most those pages so sorry cant find a link at the mo'


edit : a bit like this (and just as hazardouz)


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7 hours ago, Bling said:

How do you clean the cylinder for safe cutting? Pig looks sweet. 

I removed the valve and left it upside down out side for about six months before I used it .

i did drain the big bottles when I made a cannon, don’t get the dye or smelly stuff on ya or you will stink for weeks.

then lots of hot soapy water and store upside down, lpg heavy than air etc

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