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Random slightly cool stuff you built but not worth its own thread, thread

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Hole is probably too high for it to be used as a bong..
but what I really wanted to comment is, as someone who has experience cutting glass etc, that is IMPRESSIVE that he managed that with a hand drill !

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I changed the HGs on my bros bike. I Kinda enjoyed it, and kinda stressed out about it because I've never touched anything with 2 wheels before but it runs sweet as now its really crisp and way more responsive than it ever was. I was pretty stoked with myself. 





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I was kinda freaked out I had to dismantle the top end to get the head off which is something I'm not used to but with the workshop manual it was all good. 46kg total weight is nice I'm not gonna lie. But the 3 point pivot thingy between swing arm, rear motor mounts and kick stand was awkward when befitting but turned out all good. 

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oh yeah & these, I make these

they sometimes come back for repair with Price tags attached over $1100, I've made 18 in the last year alone, & they've been a NWC product since early 2000's... one of our Higher end Products

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