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Tech Spam thread - because 1/4" BSP gets 5 hand spans to the jiggawatt


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On 09/10/2021 at 19:11, yoeddynz said:


 (well... if you can call 3 or 4 MB per sec good. But it is for us.


We have RBI (via cell tower) because it’s all we can get short of Starlink. I consider 3-4 Mbps pretty good. (It’s actually shit, but during the school hols it’s been sitting around 0.5-0.8!!) 

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Aloha gentlemen, if one were to blow down a 1/4" fuel return line, how much resistance ought one expect to encounter?


I've just dropped the gearbox out of my car to swap over the "semi blocked" fuel return line in the car, then I went to test the spare and found it completely blocked. I put some compressed air down the one in the car again and it seems to have improved, but I'm hesitant to put the box back in unless I'm sure it'll work.


Edit: Follow up question, is it feasible to bend ali bundy tube by running it under the car, or does it really need to be bent up then installed?

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On 15/10/2021 at 07:39, MaxPower said:

Hey brought one of chinas finest Weber’s, looking down from from the top theres two jets? Which look to be round the wrong way one says 160 on the secondary and 170 on the primary is this right?

What engine are you putting it on out of interest? Bigger air jet means leaner at top end. Isn't unusual to have a larger one on the primary for fuel economy at cruise and having the secondary jetted richer for power under load. I'm keen to see how it works for you. I've got a couple Chinese dcoe 45s coming for a project. I've had issues of rubber components in Chinese carb kits not liking our fuel and swelling in the past. So wondering what these carbs will throw my way. 

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5 minutes ago, oldrx said:

If I am wiring a 20 Ohm resistor in line between oil pressure sensor and dash, how many watts should the resistor be? 

For an oil light?

If you have a dead short for a lamp, 7.2w will flow at 12v.

What is the resistance of the lamp?


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Adjustable suspension / struts question - had a search but couldn't find the thread / comment I thought I'd read a long time ago.

I'm looking at (in the near future) to be buying some FC rx7 adjustable suspension.  From searching around various websites, there's a lot to choose from;

XYZ = $1700

Lines Racing = $1100

Hakon = $1600

Yellowspeed = $1600

D2 = $1700

BC Golds = $1800

Max Pro = $2300

Plus I'm sure there's so many other more well-known Japanese brands out there for sale also.

My question is - any of the above brands known to be not great/shit/not cert-able?  Do I just purchase roughly based on price?  Avoid the cheap one and stick with the mid-range?


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I have had a set of second hand bc's in my hillclimb civic for ~40 events now. They have had a bit of a beating and are holding up well, only thing is with my weight reduction I have to run the rears on pretty much the softest setting, and I swapped to a softer rear spring. 

Would buy again for the price. 

Take that TOTP / no context. 

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22 hours ago, 87creepin said:

How important is exhaust and intake valve timing adjustment in boosted applications? Guessing its not as important as in n/a tuning...? 

Just as important if you was the engine to operate at peak efficiency. It will also affect how well your turbo spools at low RPM. 

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