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impact drivers/rattle guns - knowledge me up.

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i want to buy a battery powered impact driver.

i want a good one that's not going to fall to bits after a year.

it needs to be variable so i can adjust torque and it needs to be petty grunty so i can undo megga tight shit.

umm, what else, two batteries would be a bonus and if it came with some other shit then that might work too.



whats good? whats shit? come at me with your knowing!


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nah as in a rattle gun.


I will add a postive vote for Makita; I think its this one.



Thats the bigger boy than my one we use, mine is this one http://www.makita.co.nz/products/model/DTW251


Its not super strong just good for undoing/doing stuff that has super long threads/awkward/tight


Neither of them I believe are variable in terms of torque - I wouldn't rely on that max torque figure as a guide to how tight you've done something up even if you've let it wail on a bolt - critical stuff still torque wrench it

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It's not what you're after sheepers but I picked up a 12v corded impact driver a while ago.

Good for people who don't have an air compressor or don't want to fork out for a battery version, just hook it up to your car battery.

It works a lot slower but does a good job for cheap, think it was around $35 from bunnings, manufacturer claims 260nm



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ive got a milwaukee fuel 18v gun, it smashes every other one ive tried, including snap on , dewalt and hitachi. (the other boys with these brands keep pinching mine daily)  fucking ridiculous what size bolts it undoes. 5ah batteries last like two weeks or more using every day. havnt touched an air powered one since i bought it. 

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Makita seem to have the biggest range of tools that can all use the same batteries. I don't have the need to spend tradesman dollars so I have gone with Ryobi one+ and find it excellent.

Made by same company that makes Milwaukee. I have 2x 1.3ah batteries and 2x 5ah batteries, about 6 tools that use them. Probably all in for under $800.

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I've got the older nicad dewalt rattler, only just undoes tight wheel nuts.. is 12 odd years old tho. For anything under 12mm I just use my impact driver, over and I crack it and then use the impact driver. Have found that they're really good for undoing rust bolts/nuts that would otherwise break by hand..

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Fixed tools for awhile and the only companies I can recommend are Hitachi and Makita. Makita had the best after sales support and general quality of tools.

You should only consider brushless these days, no maintenance required and the electronic protection means you can't overheat your shit.

This is the big daddy of 1/2" wrenches and will undo everything got every need to but it's pretty big.


This will do 90% of what you need to do and it's so short it gets in the fiddly places.


I recommend going into a makita central and having a play with them to see how they feel. They often have pretty sharp deals on combos too if you wanted a cordless drill, grinder, vacuum, coffee maker etc.

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Have old hitachi 18v, still going after 5+ years of weekly use and abuse and dropping, one of them was a bit week turned out it was a 12v model that we had been using 18v battery's on never died tho

One of the contractor had the new version with variable torque and brushless, was lush no brushes sparking (really should service ours)

Also the torque thing was bang on had at lowest setting doing up bolts, then torquing them afterwards was another 1/4 turn or so so pretty damn consistent

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