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impact drivers/rattle guns - knowledge me up.

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I have 3 of these for the race team I run. 1x De Walt and 1 Ryobi and 1x Chinese special. But Look at this site



Guys are in Mt Wellington and have new and used and some real bargains for all power tools

They even have pink ones if you want to get "er indoors" one for a special occasion. Their rebuilt ones and their  99.00

sales are really good

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I've got this one and I really like it, lasts forever on a 5ah battery and bonus of being 240v too.



I have one of these, and the rattle gun too. Rate both of them highly, cant believe how handy that light is. Also have the air compressor and drill in the One+ range, all using the same batteries. 

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Yeah I have drill, impact driver, caulking gun, sabre saw, lamp and multi tool. There's a few tools they make now that I wouldn't mind.

Also bought a ryobi pneumatic finish nailer recently which is great for the $200. Preferred to spend $400 on a compressor and the gun instead of just the 18v nailer.

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My father in law is a mechanic and has 3 AEG ones, one in the rally car and two in the workshop, they take a beating and he loves them. Massive warranty on them too and pretty fairly priced.

From memory AEG offer 6 year warranties on tools and 3 years on batteries. That's impressive.

DeWalt is only 3 years on tools and 1 year on batteries.

Makita is 30 days on tools and 30 seconds on batteries.

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I really rate my Panasonic gear batteries last for ever only thing is they are expensive and not as many other tool options as some other brands.

Mate is a tractor mech and he swears by his Milwaukee driver also

+1 I bought mine in America 9 years ago where they're a lot cheaper and they're still going strong. I use them a lot. Panasonic have the best battery tech, pity there's so little support for them here.

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Panasonic has support and distribution here!

Sort of. You can buy them here, but not at normal retail shops. I got a drill/impact driver/flashlight combo with 3 batteries for US$300, not sure if you'll even get the drill for that price over here.

I also got jigsaw and angle grinder which are both awesome but the ag chews through the batteries.

When I abuse the drill too much the brushes overheat and jam. I've had to pull it apart twice and sand down the edges to fix it.

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My Ag eats the batts too. lot of power to keep that shit going, has never had a thermal shutdown though.
Battery powered are a mans/ criminals best friend.
Being able to go out on site, slap on a gasket stripping disc and just go is fucking awesome. have also used it for cutting gaurds that have been the victim of a blowout and slammed itself into another tyre. was cleaner and easier then unpacking the 'negotiator' set.
Think my battery charger just shat itself though. hope not. 

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I have a snap on 1/2in impact gun

It's okay, but only reason I own it is I won a snap on voucher through Holden and my air one died around the same time. No torque limiting function. But

If I was paying with my money, I'd purchase a Milwaukee M18 1/2in one. One of the other techs in workshop and the tyre shop at work have one, and I don't think they've come across anything they can't undo

They also have a torque setting on the large ones (1 and 2)

I think there around 900? For the skin, two batteries and a charger

I own the Milwaukee 3/8th drive m12 fuel one. I have nothing but praise for it. I use it everyday and it's so lush. I think it's rated to 120nm, but it won't undo wheelnuts. Most other things- bellhousings/other mechanical things are with in its grasp

Has a torque limiting function aswell.

I think that cost me around $350? For the skin, two batterys and a charger.

And since purchasing that, have also got the m12 ratchet and a torch to go with

Also battery life on m12 stuff is sweet. I think I charge them about once a week? Takes like 45min to charge

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Is m12 the smaller batteries? i saw them and really liked the idea, but again. balls deep in Hitachi so cant really justify another brand. i like the design/ergonomics of milwaukee too.

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It's this pretty much


M12 is 12v and yup, is quite small. Uses their 'redlithuim battery' which is the small one

Battery size depends on Amp hours. I've got one like in image that is either 2 or 3 amp hour (both are the same size), but there is a bigger one, which I think is a 4 or 6 amp hour battery which is similar style, that has the same top but a square bit on the bottom that protrudes forward a bit

Difference isn't power, just how long it'll last. One of the joys of lithium is that I'll will deliver max power all the way till batterys flat

Unlike my snap on gun which because it has a NiCad battery, is mint when fresh off charger but torque output drops abit as charge depletes

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Have an m18 fuel Milwaukee rattle gun, it's so amazing. Beats the workshops 3/4" rattle gun on everything.

Actually beats every gun in the workshop.

Also use it on 10mm bolts lol never snapped one. Has a variable speed trigger so just touching lightly does the trick.

Not sure if you've tried to undo 1kz crank bolt nuts (torqued to 210ft-lb or so) but can undo them.

Have a m12 power drill too which is amazing, 13mm Chuck on a 12v drill is rare, powers through wooden posts which is amazing for a little drill

Milwaukee all dayyeeee!

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