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  1. 4AGEMAD

    4AGEMADS 1986 Hachi Toy

    Last piece was to fit the 3pt seatbelts to rear outer seating postions And she flew through with no issues at all!! three days before Toyota fest, was a massive mish but we made it Still have a stack of things that i want done, climate control panel is toast which i have a replacement for, rear light seals need replacing etc. Have everything there to go but will slowly get through it all and get the car to where i vision it to be.
  2. 4AGEMAD

    New LVVTA tyre-rim size chart.

    Saved it to my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/6irwodjjucn65j0/LVVTA_Info_01-2009_V3_Tyre_Size_to_Wheel_Size_Compatibility_Guide.pdf?dl=0
  3. 4AGEMAD

    4AGEMAD's 1986 notchback hachi

    Nice man! Thanks for that, i thought ecos was only for ordering new wof stickers haha
  4. 4AGEMAD

    4AGEMAD's 1986 notchback hachi

    Cheers Stu! Likewise, cant wait to go out driving
  5. 4AGEMAD

    4AGEMAD's 1986 notchback hachi

    Had a yarn to compliance company and because it will be registered in nz after 1990 "it technically requires one" he said. Ive got one here so will chuck it on then it may or maynot come unstuck after compliance...
  6. 4AGEMAD

    4AGEMAD's 1986 notchback hachi

    Thanks man *almost legal, unfortunately my car falls under the first registered after 1990 as shes just imported. Those plates are my "spares" lol
  7. 4AGEMAD

    4AGEMADS 1986 Hachi Toy

    Lifes been CRAZY busy at the moment, me and the mrs are up most nights till 12 in the morning after work slaving on our old toyotas to get them ready for toyota fest (i keep meaning to show her how to forum). But finally making progress and have a bit of free time to update. Carrying on from previous post, assembled the brake caliper adaptors to hubs Next day after work, into fitting all suspension components so to have it driving and in for wheel alignment for cert. Spent quite awhile bleeding the whole system, wilwoods were a bit of a pain with their tiny bleed nipples but came out mint and brakes soo much better than stock as youd hope lol Relbuilt rear calipers and new rotors on rear, nice to have my handbrake working again.. Made up these hoops being the last piece for cert and had my friend whos a ticketed welder to glue them together Went for cert today and she flew through no worries!!! Just needed to raise front slightly but no issue The cert plate should arrive next week so just need to piece interior back together and add a high stop light then fingers crossed for compliance!
  8. 4AGEMAD

    4AGEMADS 1986 Hachi Toy

    More boring but important stuff.. cleaned/painted and "rebuilt" the rear calipers 2nd Caliper was also full of that cancer stuff handbrake lever works properly now pushing the piston out further than before Gave the hubs the same treatment and put in new bearings. Trying to just have everything ready to just bolt in and go, hopefully after work my mrs kp sunroof turns up and will go out and try bolt the hubs etc on till the front brake lines are made. Big mission to get it ready for Toyota fest but will try!
  9. 4AGEMAD

    4AGEMADS 1986 Hachi Toy

    Got to work today ticking off the growing list of things to get her ready for cert the biggest being the addition of a seatbelt mounting point in the c pillar. As per photo you can see the captive nut on the drivers side but nothing on the passengers... As per certifiers request, have a doubler plate behind the center skin and weld on 2 8mm nuts, then some how squeeze the other plate between the inner and center skin, bit of prying and such was ok. spent a good 15min vacuuming all the swarf out, i hate the thought of rust since this old toyota actually (from what i can see) isnt too badly rusted...yet.. Zinc painted the welded hubs and redrilled the new rotors to suit hub for the wilwood calipers. scored a Toda flywheel from my friend! and purchased a bunch of other niggly bits and pieces like the heater tap which is jammed, also every time i stepped out on the track the wiper switch would fall out lol. Overview of some of the driveline components to go in Will head to work tomorrow and finish rebuilding the hubs and rear calipers then should be ready to fit up and last things to get are rear disc rotors/pads and have front brake lines made and we should be ready for cert...almost
  10. 4AGEMAD

    4AGEMADS 1986 Hachi Toy

    MRP Sent me my welded hubs/caliper brackets and adjustable rear arms yesterday! wanted to see what was wrong with the rear brakes so got TNZs last rebuild kit in stock lol upon winding out the piston it became stuck...came out with a bit of crc and everything cleaned up nicely. TNZ also had about 5 sst's for removing the adjusting bolt safely for about 6 bucks! Luckily the needle roller bearings that the handbrake lever runs on was like new so just a matter of re-greasing then adding the new seals plus paint. going back to the car today so hopefully by then end of this weekend she will be rolling again!
  11. Im still waiting on my parts So envious of you haha, looking great
  12. 4AGEMAD

    4AGEMADS 1986 Hachi Toy

    First upgrade was the lights, luckily i saved the raybrig style lamps from the starlet which was a perfect fit Had a track day booked in taupo, had to mish it and get her all ready as i wasnt going to take it in its current sponge suspension form. The rear coilover setup bolted in nicely but didnt have time to get fronts welded up so just went with the '1 ways'in the front and threw in my rcas to reduce the bump steer I had everything to go for my wilwood 4 pots but i got mixed up and didnt realise the caliper brackets i had were for the kp... Diff was whining like a b!#ch, decided to pull it out and compare to my 4.3 cw&p. Quickly found my 4.7 is munted which is a shame. Took out the lsd and put it into my 4.3 diff head arrangement and setup backlash etc. Picked up some new buddyclub seatrails on fasbuk for my bride, bit of fiddling about but i think i like them better than the bride rails tbh Got rid of the wats for now as their 20 year old tyres were had it. Threw on the a3as that i had from the cressida which still had good tyres, will widen them eventually. Only photo i got on the track, was such a good time, rear end stepped out on every corner. So a neat feeling to feel the progress getting better, next time i should have good brakes and suspension. I had the front rotors skimmed before the track day but the rear rotors gave out on me, started shuddering and only wearing on inner pad so will have to re-adjust with a different method.
  13. Going to work tomorrow ill try get some scans for you
  14. Ive got electrical diagram for LH10_, 11_ & 125 series if that helps
  15. 4AGEMAD

    4AGEMAD's 1986 notchback hachi

    Stoaked to hear! I know of a bunch hiding away in hawkes bay actually