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  1. phatt20

    Dunedin Members Roll Call

    blossom festival is coming up later this month? drags on sunday etc. we normally rent a holiday home for the wknd in clyde.
  2. phatt20

    impact drivers/rattle guns - knowledge me up.

    ive got a milwaukee fuel 18v gun, it smashes every other one ive tried, including snap on , dewalt and hitachi. (the other boys with these brands keep pinching mine daily) fucking ridiculous what size bolts it undoes. 5ah batteries last like two weeks or more using every day. havnt touched an air powered one since i bought it.
  3. phatt20

    impact drivers/rattle guns - knowledge me up.

    as in like a roofing gun type thing that takes hex drive bits?
  4. phatt20

    Dunedin Members Roll Call

    another route iv done on a few cruises is dunedin to waihola via the coast road, then a few beers and a snack basket at waihola pub, good for pics etc down by the lake too. not too big a drive not too short either.
  5. phatt20

    lownslows 1972 Datsun 1200 coupe

    sounds cool. what have ya done with the fuelling side of things? sealing of carbs, pressure reg etc?
  6. phatt20

    Dunedin Members Roll Call

    im keen , think the ke is still legal, it hasnt moved in a while.
  7. phatt20

    Toyota speedo cable interchangability

    standard ke20 one will work.
  8. phatt20

    SiRedge's 1986 Honda Civic Si

    vaguely remember these having trouble with the main relay up under the dash, symptoms sound similar to what your getting.
  9. phatt20

    Toyota Fest - Cromwell - March 18-20th

    top ten camp ground is quite good up there.
  10. phatt20

    Uprating a 50 year old gearbox.

    ive heard good things about getting gearbox internals cryotreated . between that and better bearings it should make things hang together a little better?
  11. phatt20

    brockzilas E21 320/6 BMW Dissussion.

    got taken to nzta over a trailer i did a wof on, and then was sold, apparently surface rust was not surface rust, (it was) we won, but jesus christ the mind fuck they put you thru makes you paranoid / arsehole wof guy.
  12. phatt20

    How do I get brake drum off

    where bouts are ya hitting it? usually just give them a couple of good smacks on the face between the studs and they pop off .
  13. phatt20

    mint16's 72 1200 Coupe

    what carbs ya guna use?
  14. phatt20

    2tg/3t hybrid

    the one i built bout 15 years ago is still going strong, thats with massive cams and 8500 rev limit. they are really strong engines, pistons have heaps of meat on them.
  15. phatt20

    2tg/3t hybrid

    iv built a few of these, (one in the build at the mo) early 2tgs need the block ground to clear the crank/rods, late ones dont, there are several different types of head, the best head has a smaller combustion chamber and needs the pistons machined to have an offset dome to fit, use the 3t rods and pistons, the pistons need to be fly cut, in saying that all the ones iv built have had big cams so more lift means more flycut, if using the 3t block you have to block off the oil gallery to the rear cam bearings. dont fuck around with the factory injection its shit, crappy vane a/f/meter etc, they always go better with sidedrafts.