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Random slightly cool stuff you built but not worth its own thread, thread

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I've been working on Biltong dryers for the past couple of years. I love Biltong, just hate paying for it, $10 for 100grams, and most is pretty average for what you pay.
First effort involved a glass door bar fridge, a couple of computer fans, a light and a controller unit.IMG_0083.jpg


Wired the light to come on until the box got up to temp, for biltong you need air to be pushed past the meat to cure it over time, and a consistent temp between 22-24 degrees is the go, once it reached the 24 degrees it shut the light off. Fans run all the time.
This unit was great, although I couldn’t get enough in it to do a batch big enough to cater for my mates and meIMG_0196.jpg


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Not lame at all. I drew up some simple dies on Friday for the CNC to pop out on Monday.. simple dies are something I have wanted for bloody YEARS.

I see you made yours with 45s, I have done mine with a 7mm radius... Hopefully the outcome is as good 

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Angle is ~35 degrees according to shithouse lathe.


The secret to success appears to be the position of the female die, it's easy to have it not concentric with the hole which leaves the back lip not perfectly parallel to the material. 

Suggest the back of the hole is marked with the diameter of the die to help with keeping it central.


Here are some speed holes in my pos racecivic.



Also thinking of a way to flare some holes in panel steel that I can't get to the back side of. 

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