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Random slightly cool stuff you built but not worth its own thread, thread


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On 31/08/2021 at 18:10, ThePog said:

Me and a mate built this at Uni as part of the design stuff for a competition, we didn't actually win on the day due to the way the results were calculated but we went twice as far as any other entry and i think they still use it as an example...




Firstly, this is how it works, the basic setup. The red is a bit of 5mm polyurethane, all else is aluminium;



Then you pump air in which seals the barrel and fills the outer. Once it is pressurised you remove the pump, the valve actually has nothing in it so the removal acts as the trigger;



When the valve is removed the pressure on the polyurethane seals the valve/inlet and all the air rushes out, pushing whatever is in the barrel with it.



And as promised, a video of it in action and some fucking dodgy editing for lols.



I require pics of golf balls being fired through various materials plz. Car doors be good

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@WhangareiKE70 more dets on your folder please?

Looks simple but I can't figure out how you clamp material in it. Is there something missing?

I want to build a small set of rollers to roll 3mm flat bar, only need to be 300mm long but haven't been able to settle on a simple and effective design yet.

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@a.craw4d Yeah sorry there a few bits missing in those pics. It's basically one of these: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/building-renovation/tools/hand-tools/vices-clamps-presses/listing/3289797513

You can see it on the pics of the link, but there's a bit of I think 10mm plate the width of the bender and about 80mm deep. Clamped down with G clamps.

Other than the mod to make it slide in the bench, mine has had a piece of angle stitch welded along the length of the folding part (the part that the handles slide into) as they aren't the strongest out of the box. Also updated the G clamps to some beefier ones as those little ones have shitty casting and break, but also need a spanner to tighten. Sometimes add a couple of those big jaw vice grip type things to clamp the middle better when folding harder stuff.

I've done up to 1.6mm in mine taking it easy and it does it fine.

Having bent a few things in it now with the bench mount mod, I am happy it works well I can cut the part of the feet off that sticks out the side haha 

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Been modifying my tool trailer added a centre rack support and a door at the front, also dividing it in half.





bit of fun learning to weld, need to make the door and ply the floor then its ready for a coat of paint.



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