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  1. This is excellent Alex, have you been watching Allan Millyard https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj4hbNBjmdvXONmcxcLSNhg by any chance?
  2. Of all the cars in that clip, only one, the Eureka, is still showing up in CarJam!
  3. Good job getting it going, nice to see the compression come up again. Should be good to go!
  4. mo999

    Dirty Deluxe

    Then BOOM! I was happy with the results - not sure it would last long as its though the hardening on some of the gears and really needs new bearings (complete sets are only $35). I don't have enough bits to put it in anything right now, but maybe someday to see what happens.
  5. mo999

    Dirty Deluxe

    Lapped the valves Cases cleaned - enough for this job Halfway there Cluther and final drive on. Almost ready.
  6. mo999

    Dirty Deluxe

    Cam before and after ultrasonic and just a light wire wheel Managed to free the rings from the piston, its .50 oversize - big bore! Clutch cleaning
  7. mo999

    Dirty Deluxe

    Gear selector Main gears and main bearing The cleanup begins, this was the crank only after a few sessions in the ultrasonic cleaner - I was amazed at the difference made with just this method. After that I freed us the bearings and cleaned out the oil passages with CRC and air see videos below. At this stage I thought I might have a chance, as before this they were stuck solid!
  8. mo999

    Dirty Deluxe

    On to more recent related happenings, during this lockdown I decided I needed a bit of a challenge, so I retrieved off the scrap pile the OG motor from the deluxe. It had been carefully stored outside in the rain for the last two years - after 20 or so before that under a hedge somewhere. Needless to say it did not turn over (not even a little bit) I the challenge was to get it running without any new parts. Below is the story of that = sorry very picture heavy! There was a nice tide mark! Clutch cover off
  9. Cheers, if you find any other bits related to it let me know. Will sort after the lockdown sometime.
  10. If you don't want it I will happily buy it off you, did you see the little ball bearing inside that runs around the track to create a signal pulse?
  11. Thanks for that, now i have a spare one!
  12. Its the fuel flow sensor from a ZT Driving computer, '80's tech at it best (they worked well) I was surprised I could find mine. You may also find these magnets and this pickup coil on the drive shaft for the speed input. The fuel flow unit had a tendency to block.
  13. mo999

    Dirty Deluxe

    Since then I have been riding it when I can and have done over 1500 K on it now. A couple of trips out with the wife. Also got worried about the state of the OG wheels so built my self some new ones.
  14. If I remember correctly compressions this low on a ford kent engine will make it hard to start, they will most likely come up if you can get it running, I don't suppose a tow start is possible - just to get it to spin over faster?
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