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    Always been a fan of Burt and his achievements, had to build a tribute to him, not the same model nor is she a streamliner. Drew up the plans on paper then cut bits of old bikes to get the parts for the frame. Live pretty isolated so only got an arch welder. Few twists with this one she has an electric pedal assist kit. Gave her the "barn find" paint job. Engine parts, bits of plywood, plumbing pipe, brake lines, an old torch and other junk. She can be a board tracker as well as a street machine.
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    1st half of the inner core pattern printed. Printer is running like a champ at the moment. Nice quality.
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    Dip it is. 200 in folding it’s far cheaper then sand blasting. should be ready end of next week where it’ll go off to the electro platers
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    New front tyre fitted: Speedo in place: Dodgy epoxy job to keep the sensor where it should be. I slapped a couple of neodymium magnets onto it for a stronger signal: And this sweet accessory courtesy of @Geophy. Perfect for a few beers and other paraphernalia.
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    AS she sits today, now I know many don't agree with the tires (faux white-walls bought from OS'er) so suck it, we're getting the moneys worth out of them! Begging for a A15 (or hot A12) and 4 speed (period correct upgrades that might just pass a WOF without too many hassles in no hurry to Butcher anything & will remain STOCK for as long as possible (or until I am allowed to unbolt anything more than the Rims) Had a nice policeman pining over it on the weekend & he was disappointed the VIN tag isn't straight :/ and now that's all I see in this picture
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    Cam tree coming along quickly. A real one Patterns
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    Between $150 & $200.
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    Yeah I'm looking at adding a discreet hub motor to an old BSA/Raleigh type pushy. 250W appears about the same size as a dynohub so wouldn't look out of place, just not sure it's grunty enough. Will prob go 350W 36V front hub but may look a bit shit on the front (want to keep Sturmey Archer rear hub)...
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    Noice, if you're planning on getting lost, take Beaver with you.
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    Damn over 3 years and no updates... Got the escort down to Chch, bought a mk1 escort, sold a mk1 escort, bought a house, was away for 8 months overseas with work, sold the courier, bought a ranger and life has just gotten in the way while projects have taken a back seat. But back to it... Pics of the MK1 I had to fill the void Back the MK2, so i sold the Courier diff as it was just too big and im not planning on making heaps of power. Went and got another standard escort diff which ill put a quaife ATB LSD into and if i end up breaking axles ill buy some off the shelf semi floating axles. Still planning on rear disks of the P11 primera type as palmside sell a kit. Had a wee tinker with the front brake set up as im not too happy with the princess 4 pot calipers, they are so damn heavy. Bolt on yes, bigger pad than M16 yes, heavier yes. Ive had some FD rx7 4 pots sitting in the corner for ages so decided to cut up some angle steel ive had lying around and see if i can adapt them to fit. Was super easy with some crude measuring and managed to at least get them mounted. They fit pretty well and the pads contact the 260mm disk bloody well. Will change from KE laser disks to BMW E30 vented items as they are 22mm thick as per rx7. Best thing is they fit inside 13inch wheels! Gearbox is finally attached to the dummy block and comes out of the original gearhole which is a plus
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    One month left until the Urewera ride and I’ve barely touched the MX100. It needs a lot of work before doing a 500+km mission, so I was looking at taking the FS1 again. Then one day an old acquaintance sent me a message on Facebook: The price was right and it has a couple of upgrades (GN125 rear shocks!). Thanks to @crustywhip for the OSGC freight service to get it up to Hamilton. There’s a list of things to do, but it will all be achievable within 4 weeks. Hopefully it’ll be ready for a medium distance shakedown by mid November! So far I’ve taken it for a brief squirt up the road. Wound it out to 70kph at low rpm in 5th, so it should have a reasonable cruising speed for the open road stages.
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    Discussion thread (add your feedback or comments, keeps Build threads Tidy as per OS Community Standards ) Amy has been on about getting a cool old car for a while and the opportunity to grab this came up a few weeks back and 'unveil' it at an event on the weekend Absolutly Stock as a rock "barn find" from local, was an old Barry's who passed away & wife kept it in the shed & rego lapsed, Mate found it in 2015, revinned & now we have it with under 100,000 Kilometres on the ODO push button AM radio 3 Speed Auto 1147cc Fury 1st mod was to rob the Hotwires off the Avenger (Only Mags I have that will fit, they may not be permanent) Probably the only time I am allowed to do modify her car and yep Amy has joined the forums on the 'quiet' and to do that I had to find spare wheels for the Blue 'one' to get the Cheviots off to fit to the Red "one" hence the 'new' look recently, and hunt for Car dollys to fit more cars into sheds frigging cool, but Mines heaps faster (at the moment) have already acquired a set of headers from Josh in CHCH, seeking spare springs to hack (or lowering options) and talk of a spare 1500 near by is getting me frothing and just hunting a Manual cog swapper now for period correct Updates also fyi I spotted Sam's one for sale on the Facebook last night too if you're looking for something Similar (Motueka) already with a few tasty mods that didn't last long! Discuss :
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    Short version of the story goes, the guys who sold me the pallet of 18rg parts to help me repair the corona engine also had a Lotus Seven replica also running an 18rg on twin weber 40s. Has been in their barn for the last 14 years, but recently they dug it out. Some fresh fuel and a slight fiddle and it was running again. I heard through the grapevine that he was was looking at selling it, and it had my name ALL over it. So several phone calls and a bit of time passed and a deal was struck. So a car I've always liked but never thought I'd really be able to own was mine, even better it was RG powered. Traikered it to the ferry, drove on, drove off, allegedly a quick fang through Picton and onto another trailer back to chch. From what I can see, the webers will need a rebuild kit thrown at them, an oil leak from the sump plug, probably just a new copper washer, and the wiring for the lights repairing. Then wof time! Included in the deal was a roof, doors than can also zip in half, and a torneou cover which can also zip in half speedster style. I love it so much, even my wife admitted it was really cool, and she's usually indifferent to my cars.
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    Well I’ve started taking all the carpets out and will clean them up - they are all the original carpets and seem decent. A bit of water has got in to the car so drying everything out. Headlining is a bit grubby so I will need to google a solution that won’t stuff it or if anyone has suggestions. Steel work under carpets is remarkably good as is the rest of Car now that I’ve had a good look over it. Took spark plugs out and they are sooty but things look good in there . Clutch pedal was stuck up and Slave was stuck engaged - I loosened the slave and the actuator spring back - tested master and all good so only a slave needed here - no siezed clutch mechanisms- YAY!! . I have ordered a slave . Have been in contact with a local guy with the same affliction as me and he has a hydrolastic displacer I will swap out - involves removing rear sub frame so ..... yea . Will get battery and get this baby started soon - suspect dicky icky pump and shiddy fuel but who knows
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    It can't touch the body at any point. But probably 5mm is enough clearance.
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    2k with a clear coat I am going to clear the Volvo with a roller soon
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    Send them down and i'll have a hack at them lol. Nah seriously I can help ya out, but I don't really do "I don't want anything flash" lol
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    Aurion badge is only used in Australia and NZ. Everywhere else they are V6 Camry. Our cars are Aussie built, so you want to find the TMCA option. Try every option, something should connect. Maybe ES350. Does the Techstream connect to other cars?
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    Would someone in auckland be able to paint the tank and guards for my Suzuki? I dont want anything flash, guards are new and tank is bare steal
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    I've moved this thread to the 2 wheels section for you (more appropriate fit). Damn this is cool! I love the discreet electric conversion.
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    Ended up calling Glass'n'cars, they'll be doing it next week. $150 to remove, then come back to refit later, in case anyone is wondering.
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    I enjoy seeing the updates - please don't give up man!
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    +1 for bespoke auto glass. They have done all the windows on both my Avengers and my Charger
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    The countdown to Te Urewera is on! So far I've managed to complete a few things: Replaced broken front brake lever Made headlight and tail light work Fixed lighting switches Shocked myself trying to operate the kill switch Installed a horn button from another bike as a kill switch Fixed chain tension (it was floppier than I've ever seen) Tightened head tube bearings Checked oil pump - it works! The previous owner was pre-mixing the gas because he doesn't trust self-mix setups... But it still has 1/4 of a tank of oil and my from my tests it seems like the pump works fine, so it would have been RICH on oil the whole time he owned it. Still to do: Fit new front tyre Luggage rack / panini paneer panniers Mount number plate Carb clean and rebuild Fit an ignition barrel / key / anti theft device It also has a bit of a rattle that I think could be piston slap or a noisey kickstart idle gear. More diagnosis required. I've poked my finger up the exhaust port and it certainly seems to have some slap at BDC. It might need a good warm run before I can diagnose it properly. If it comes to it, I've got a freshly bored cylinder on the other MX that can go in its place.
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    I actually really like this. Something about the luxury wood trim on a tiny base design tickles my fancy... And another NEGATIVE is that it will be a punishing Barry-magnet...
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    Having not updated my thread in a while due to rethinking what i want from the escort ive decided to establish a new thread to better summarise my escort from then till now. Without further adue... I picked up my escort as my first car when i was 15. Being a Ghia it was essentially a 4Door sport with added chrome and lush interior. It needed a small amount of work for a wof like front indicators, rust repairs etc, but the running gear was in good nick. It had a 1600 X-flow backed by a close ratio 4speed gearbox and followed by a 3.54 diff. All in all a lush package for a young fella to ticker with. J-W-G
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    Found and installed short diff and axles. Can now tuck a 14x9 -25 rim easy.
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    So after a few months of limited use due to winter weather, it was time for a new WOF. I was worried after all news about NZTA and with sweat running off my brow I took it to the AA testing station. Didn't take long to get called over to the pit. Three patches in the floor /sill had rust. No worries I'll send it to the panelbeater I thought. Then as I waited for it to go through the rest of the test, I heard the tester having trouble getting it into gear. Thought that was strange. Failed on the rust, one tyre a bit bald, surface rust on the brake booster. No problem. Jumped into it and I had trouble getting in gear. I dont live far from the testing station so felt I would make it. But there were major road works and Friday traffic was at a standstill. Then on the GI roundabout the clutch shat itself. Wouldn't go into any gear and traffic was too bad to start in gear. Pushed it into a car park and waited for my son to tow me. Done a few gearbox replacements on the old esky so thought no worries. Had a Friday night with the family out so ripped into it. Had lots of problems getting the gearbox out, ended almost dropping the engine out to get clearance. Different tunnel and rs2000 box! Release bearing lugs broken was the problem. Problem was I didn't know at the time it was a rs2000 box so had trouble getting the clutch and bearing. Finally sorted and back in. Off to the panelbeaters again for the floor repairs. Then got a great deal on some new tyres so got four. A few months passed then back to the testing station. Sweated, but passed. Yay.
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    Got things back together. The gear stick is slightly closer to the driver now which is both helpful but I have also now lost all my reference points Left a car park entrance with a fair bit of speed on, and the drivers door flew open. Not the first time this has occurred so also adjusted the latches, they are pretty well worn however. Slam locks always draw attention as members of the public probably think I'm furious about something. In reality I just want to go home without falling out. Tried to go and find some puddles or things to drive over at the Waimak but access is pretty well blocked off. Found some old photos anyway Moments before this occurred, I believe the driver said, "Watch this!" Which resulted in trying tow the range rover out, which went well... My car did back out of that, but a man with a snatch rope had to come and rescue the range rover. There are computers under the drivers seat for things like the airbag suspension etc. Which were under water... This was a few years ago and I believe it's all fixed now. Keen to try and find some spots around Christchurch for more of the above, Waimak and also Mcleans Island seem like a no go anymore though...
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    Inner patterns for the sump complete. Just got a couple of small cores left to do for the sump. Then move on to some cam boxes!
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    I had a lot of issues with the printer. Clogging, warping, delaminating, poor quality 10kg of material wasted and 3 weeks changing parameters but learnt a lot and got it sorted. Now I need to figure out if I can recycle this stuff!
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    Outer pattern prints complete.
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    Outer mould patterns finished and ready for printing. 3D printing is good but it also means to have to design the under side! Twice as much work!
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    I was making great progress on my pop up katana when I made an absolutely stupid rookie error which has rendered my engine completely inoperable. A series of setbacks and fuck ups has made me realise I’m not a great amateur bike mechanic and I should probably just stick to my day job telling people off for riding them too fast. I’m not too sure what this will mean for the future of my bikes or this build thread.
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