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  1. Changed the look of my bike again, she's changed more than the weather.
  2. Added a carrier made up from a push bike carrier and an old army bag.
  3. Bit more progress, made up some panels for the front and a rear end tray made fairly light to so not so much usable, more for looks, paint next. Ploddin along with this build, replaced the ply side panels for the body with coroplast plastic sheets, easy to work with and more importantly light weight. Suicide doors of course.
  4. 1vaknd that's what I was after, need to move where the tie rod connects outside the line of where the wheel pivots, great diagram, thanks for your help.
  5. Bit more done, apart from tuning the drive train added a few more bits top get the Volksrod look happening. Lowered the bonnet, the head lights that turn with the front wheels, wheel covers with VW hub caps. Added a smaller nerf bar and used the same fold down windscreens from the buggy, see above. Finally would be most grateful for some assistance from those with a little steering geometry knowledge? I am trying to get Akermann’s sorted with the steering, as in getting the inside wheel to turn a tighter circle than the outside w
  6. Have a daughter who's talented, she did a nice pic of my bike.
  7. After a couple of big sessions we have a drive train and it works! As I have stated have been concerned about the weight with the buggy body. Story within itself scored a bonnet locally in great condition, so now we have a Volksrod! Also had concerns about the gearing and brakes, no worries with the gearing plenty low enough to get going and cruise, if anything will probably have to gear her up a couple of cogs. Brakes are better than expected as well, all four rear wheels have brakes which helps, operated from a lever mounted outside the seats, emergency br
  8. Whooohooo we have some progress, control as in steering in, also revisited the front end. Was going to have a rigid front end but thought what the heck, had the bits so went with suspension, see how she goes, if work out couple of bolts and she goes back to a solid set up! So you can steer her how about propulsion, mocked up the pedal position, the way things are looking they will sit lower. As I said up the top want to keep the VW theme rolling, so first VW bit a Ratty 60’s steering wheel. I live ver
  9. To fairing or not to fairing that is my question? Boss lady not so keen, I'm a bit undecided, what do you think?
  10. Been a Veedub fan since my teens, collection stuff that lived in a box for ages, found a bird cage stand and re purposed it as a shrine to the VW. Couple of semi rare items, the red 50/50s one year only Australia and Italy, also some Snowflakes up the top. VW lounge light, used a big valve for the stand, actually casts a VW emblem on the roof above.
  11. So after a couple of big days finally got the rear end sorted, originally had the drive wheels out beyond the body. Revised this they now sit nicely in the space where the VW engine would have sat. So in a sense have the motor where it should be! Next sort out the chain drive, plan is to have two idlers up to the pedals. The outer wheels take some of the load, hoping most of the weight comes onto the middle drive wheels, all four have suspension, outers leaf springs, inners coils. Scored the outers off a children’s pram, the inners off an old school su
  12. I remember seeing that, about an insect they thought was extinct, the Phasmid, believed to have been around since the dinosaurs!
  13. Two thirds of the way across the Tasman on the way to Oz, Lord Howe Island.
  14. The thing flew through rego inspection, been enjoying blatting around on the beast, fitted pillion pegs and a seat from a MadAss wreck I have, surprising how much stuff I have used off her on the Suzuki! Few arty pic's from this arvo.
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