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  1. To fairing or not to fairing that is my question? Boss lady not so keen, I'm a bit undecided, what do you think?
  2. I remember seeing that, about an insect they thought was extinct, the Phasmid, believed to have been around since the dinosaurs!
  3. Two thirds of the way across the Tasman on the way to Oz, Lord Howe Island.
  4. The thing flew through rego inspection, been enjoying blatting around on the beast, fitted pillion pegs and a seat from a MadAss wreck I have, surprising how much stuff I have used off her on the Suzuki! Few arty pic's from this arvo.
  5. Just checked out this whole thread, pretty similar to my GZ250 just in a different direction, like that colour choice I was thinking of going green on mine as well.
  6. Suzi 250 project ready for rego inspection, fitted some lower bars which I'm thinking about flipping and going lower. The new muffler was a little noisy so added a baffle and some steel wool to shut her up a little. Second hand fenders and paint, exhaust wrap, new seat some electrical tinkering, oil, filters and new plug, she's a goer!
  7. Scored this modded GZ 250 cheap, not running, clutch cable broken, no rear lights and no fenders. Not a fan of the purple or those bars. Have a bit of a parts stash from wrecked bikes and I'm on a budget, want to carry a pillion so two seater, fenders I plan to use. Where I'm at now, got her running but rough, replaced the rusted out muffler and ordered a carbie kit.
  8. It is a street legal 250 watt job, it's okay for what I use it for but if I went again I'd go a better performing unit. Purchased from the mob below, they don't do the kit I have anymore. http://dillengerelectricbikes.com.au
  9. Always been a fan of Burt and his achievements, had to build a tribute to him, not the same model nor is she a streamliner. Drew up the plans on paper then cut bits of old bikes to get the parts for the frame. Live pretty isolated so only got an arch welder. Few twists with this one she has an electric pedal assist kit. Gave her the "barn find" paint job. Engine parts, bits of plywood, plumbing pipe, brake lines, an old torch and other junk. She can be a board tracker as well as a street machine.