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  1. So, Sabre is now in Christchurch so I can slowly get some jobs done while not working on the house. Got the rims from Marshlands sandblasted/painted/fitted and I'm super happy with the result. Suits the car so much better being back to original compared to the 13" wheels. Also fitted the seats from the wreck I got (see earlier posts) but found the front seat frames were pretty wrecked. Managed to fit the replacement covers over the seats that were in it (S110L seats) but the Sabre seats have a different back - will need to get the drivers one fixed before fitting. You can see how the Sabre/1000MB seats are way more shaped and styley than the later ones (drivers side)
  2. @Skodie Nah I'll do the 110 front end swap (easiest first) and then look at 5 speed conversion. I would assume you can use 110/1000mb axles in a 120 5-speed gearbox?
  3. Not immediately build related but after seeing this stuff article @myk00l ( ) I managed to get in touch with those involved and a sad sight awaited me. Three 110R wrecks All realistically too far gone to save due to rust, the guy told me they had driven into the site three years earlier but I found that verrry hard to believe. There was also two 120L models (one half converted into a rally car) and one solid looking one that apparently only has ~50,000kms on it before the head gasket blew and it was taken off the road. A guy in Dunedin who I've been in touch with has a 120L that he and his son are doing up but were struggling to find parts (was quoted $2,600 for a windscreen from Smith and Smith!). I managed to save the white 120 and will be taking it to Dunedin this weekend when I go down to pick up the Sabre. It's surprising solid considering it's been of the road for ~ 20 years. Almost don't want to let it go! Would come up good with a proper scrub! Also found a loose half axle sitting in one of the cars that I'm reconditioning to put into the Sabre after the fuckery I endured trying to replace oil seals without the right tools / knowledge. Aim is to have it on the road in time for the Mcleans Island swap meet.
  4. @JustHarry Really empty now, nothing solid left (that is for sale). I've had no problems with him but I heard he'd been getting lowballed by a lot of people and people stealing stuff so I understand why he would just get the scrap guys in (not saying you were doing that!). Wish I had seen the site in its heyday!
  5. @MACKAZ Sounds like an absolute weapon! I've heard similar stories re the fan - A guy told me he had the fan explode which threw the blades through the bonnet/bootlit and give it shark gills haha. Cheers
  6. @EpochNZ I'm afraid so, there are still other 110s there but nothing to think of saving. They are still out there though if you know where to look!
  7. Pretty empty now, especially compared to around a year ago. Still approx 50-100 cars but thinning out fast, all pretty far gone too.
  8. Long time between posts as usual, made another mission back to the Marshland yard before it's all gone. Managed to get four decent 14 inch rims to put the Sabre back to original and so I can fit the NOS hubcaps - will look the part once blasted and painted. Also found a floormat for it amongst the grass, I have the passenger side but had been missing the driver's so I'm a happy lad! Also dragged this monstrosity home because I couldn't bear the thought of it being crushed. I'll clean it up and then decide what to do with it.
  9. @EpochNZ There was one orange one that looked to be pretty solid and complete - I'd say that there would be enough there to Frankenstein one out of another one or two cars haha. Even if you got one solidish car you could probably get it back together with parts from the Skoda Club / Skoda Barrys dotted around the place!
  10. Its crazy, I wish I had seen it in its heyday. There's still a few cool cars there but they're mostly all rotten now and are going to be crushed. Apparently the owner wants to turn the site back into market gardens - I hate to imagine how toxic the ground is from 40 years of metals soaking into it haha.
  11. Managed to get the full set of seats out and they look like they will all scrub up like the one on the left - I am one happy lad.
  12. Only recognised this sad sight by the curve of the rear window. Motor looked complete though.
  13. Made it back to save one of the wrecks, I was there by myself so took the white one because it was easier to access. I wanted to get the red one originally but it had black seats verses the red ones my car had new. Turned out to be quite the mission to get it out, used my XJ Jeep which has never been off the road to drag the various wrecks out of the way so I could get the trailer close enough. Then almost ripped the whole front off the Skoda winching it from the front suspension! Unbelievably rusty piece of a car. Front right wheel was fully locked on so only way I could get it on the trailer was greasing the tyre then pulling it on. Made it home once I'd got it onto the trailer (there goes the neighbourhood), got the bits off it I wanted then took it for scrap. Seats have been really well preserved, the lichen on the windscreens seems to have blacked out the sun (see photo for before/after cleaning). Newspaper found in the car would date it as being sent to it's death in 1988 so 30 years in a paddock! Also found the unrecognisable remains of a 110R coupe - sad sad sight
  14. I think I'll go for this reddish one. Still a rusty pile but in slightly better condition.
  15. A long time between updates! Mix of work & renovations have meant that there hasn't been much work done lately. Latest news is I finally managed to get to the infamous Marshland Road site to hunt for Skodas. Didn't expect to find so many, it almost seemed like every fifth car was 110 or sections of one! I had watched a video on youtube someone had made of the site ( ) and in one shot there was a fairly solid looking Sabre! Sadly though between the video being taken and today someone has beaten me to it! There were three other Sabres on the site but in much worse condition. I will buy one of them just to get the original seats & wheels (my Sabre has 110L seats and 13 inch 120LS wheels) and maybe the windscreens.