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  1. I rescued a yellow one of these from a scrap yard about a year ago. You get any spares with it? or nuffink? I was just gonna improvise for all the missing bits. Who needs a seat when you can strap a tassled cushion to the fuel tank?
  2. If you want a quality but basic unit then Syntech do one that's just a gun with a hose. You put the end of the hose into your bucket of garnet and sand away. I wouldn't go anywhere near using normal sand for blasting due to the dangers of silicosis. More info here: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/92-102/ Use garnet which Syntech can supply you also. Comes in sacks in 3 different grades if I remember correctly. Let them know what you're doing and they can advise you on the correct grade. http://www.syntechnz.com/
  3. Depends on how simple the section they're replacing is too and how visible it will be..... Does anyone know what the deal is with Custom Metal Shapers these days? Someone on here mentioned the owner is in prison now!!? Not sure if that's correct.
  4. IMHO if you want good rust repairs you really need to go to a panel shop that specialises in restorations and can actually do some metal shaping. I wouldn't go to your standard collision repair shop for rust repair on a classic car. Same for Just Rust, they're really just about doing you some quick patches to pass your WOF.
  5. Perhaps this would be of use to you given the recent engine troubles. Otherwise someone else may be interested? https://www.facebook.com/eastsideautorecyclers/?fref=ts
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