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  1. That is classic! They didn’t ask much of a car back in the 60s did they!
  2. I think I just learnt a valuable lesson about the wide reaching tentacles of the internet! You are right, it must be yours. I hope I haven’t got my man Craig in too much trouble - in his defence I was annoyingly persistent about borrowing the magical machine. You can be assured it is in good hands and will leave mine in the same condition I received it. I’ll make the suspension a priority so I can get it back to you.
  3. Going on the weight of the seats and the thickness and everywhereness of 1960s upspec sound deadening I’m not sure if 1100cc will be enough to pull its own weight!
  4. You can see the useless blue lug in the photo of the pump. Hilarious. Engine sounds very solid - need to get my arse in to gear and put slave on so I can taker her for a run. It’s on bump stops on left side for now but I have a replacement hydrolastic displacer and borrowed the grease gun hydrolastic tool off the guy Craig too. I helped him pull it out which gave me a good idea of the cuntyness. Also shampood the carpets and headlining - carpets are very very good. Still original - photos to come. Headlining is very decent but still some mould stains to come out. And the seats..... did I mention the seats. They are unbelievable!- they look like they’re from a 5 year old car and the rear parcel shelf has been covered and is minty too. Suggestions for a good product to keep them supple? Mothers I guess but will take suggestions
  5. A bit of progress on the ol girl over the past week. clutch was siezed “released” - new slave arrived now so I’ll pop that on. No fuel pump sound when car turned on. Slid fuel pump out and saw this ground wire not connected to anything (pump is In isolating rubber sleeve). Curious. Then found the body lug it should have been connected to connected to another lug connecting the body of the car to the body of the car 20mm away. Nice one previous owner. Cleaned and connected. Pumpin! Pumped some old fuel through and threw 10 litres of new in. Still no start. Pulled float bowls - no fuel and sticky valves - loosened up and cranked her over.....
  6. I am astounded by the condition and quality of the leather seats. Faultless. I’ve got them out for a clean up and need to get some fancy leather treatment on to them. The carpets are pretty decent too. I gave them a shampoo last week but have been a busy boy since. Will upload photos for people who appreciate the finer things in life
  7. Well I’ve started taking all the carpets out and will clean them up - they are all the original carpets and seem decent. A bit of water has got in to the car so drying everything out. Headlining is a bit grubby so I will need to google a solution that won’t stuff it or if anyone has suggestions. Steel work under carpets is remarkably good as is the rest of Car now that I’ve had a good look over it. Took spark plugs out and they are sooty but things look good in there . Clutch pedal was stuck up and Slave was stuck engaged - I loosened the slave and the actuator spring back - tested master and all good so only a slave needed here - no siezed clutch mechanisms- YAY!! . I have ordered a slave . Have been in contact with a local guy with the same affliction as me and he has a hydrolastic displacer I will swap out - involves removing rear sub frame so ..... yea . Will get battery and get this baby started soon - suspect dicky icky pump and shiddy fuel but who knows
  8. POSITIVES nice straight apparently rust free body with original paint amazing chrome trim etc amazing condition seats and very good interior rebuilt gearbox electronic ignition engine bay looks good and clearly well looked after all the paperwork and documents NEGATIVES failed left rear hydrolastic displacer clutch seized - suspect hydraulics not clutch engine hasn’t started but turns over nicely - suspect old fuel/failed fuel pump may need a door hinge pin or two My biggest concern atm is sorting the hydrolastic but the rest is just a bit of pfaffing
  9. The only “psssssh” sound I hear at the moment is the hydrolastic fluid leaking out
  10. There is a reciept for extensive heat box work just before taken off road so all good - there has been work on the hydrolastic system but unfortunately the rear left unit is leaking dammit.
  11. Well I’ve got her home and some books and receipts came with it - check out the bound vdp owners manual and brochure . The first owner was 200metres from my house ! It was actually first registered in the uk which explains the 1972 rego.
  12. Cheers - will try to locate someone with the real deal locally first. Is yours a grease gun one?
  13. Ooh I might have to join that group! It was 1972 now that I look. THey we’re quite expensive and strange so it may have sat in the dealer for 7 years!
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