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  1. Thanks! Yea pretty stoked with the stance and look of it. had a real win today..... she’s got a wof and rego now!!! Still 1000 little jobs to do but that’s the name of the game. Can blast around in it with no worries now. Decided to drive to my mates the other sat night at 10pm with no wof and it conked out on a major intersection because I’d hosed the bonnet down and soaked the dizzy or alternator. Had to push it off the intersection with cops 100m in every direction doing a sting. Had to call my mum to gontomly mates so he could leave his girls and come tow me. Ahh it was like being 18 again.
  2. It’s been a while but I’ve made a big push lately and I’m looking good for a wof soon. Just going to sort out the gear change as it’s all set up for jag auto and th 350 slots don’t line up. Also the start inhibit doesn’t lock out reverse which could be a disaster and already almost has been.and reverse light switches halfway between P and R. I’ve welded up old slots and die grinding correct slots for detents. I’m going lock between P N R and D and straight shiftin with no detents between L 2 and D . What you reckon? Fixing start inhibit and reverse switch pretty straight forward after that. Took it for 140kph test run on motorway recently. Sits beautifully. 3000 rpm at 100kph though??? Big wheels and 3.07 diff with a tight feeling gearbox - methinks incorrect tachometer but apparently has been modified for 8 cyl - something to sort later
  3. Yea did all that. I should have looked at the jet sizes while I was in there but forgot. It was strange as it is a new Carburetor but it had sat for 4 years and when I tried to run it the fuel absolutely pissed out of it and I had to reset the float lower than I would have thought. I might recheck once fuel has soaked In everywhere. It Would be great to have an o2 sensor for setting
  4. Much appreciated. Yes I had to muck with the secondaries float as it was drastically high. I have a different body on my Holley that doesn’t have the bung hole (chortle) like you say - you actually have to take the whole float bowl off.
  5. My car starts very well in the fashion you describe but exhibits a couple of too rich traits (starts too well cold with no choke, slightly sluggish when revving (no ford vs chev jokes please!)) whilst I have almost no experience with these carbs I am a bit skeptical that they could be sweet without any cold start assistance unless the mixture is power sappingly rich
  6. I’ve installed some lowering springs and replaced the bearings in the outer suspension pivots. Tight as now. The shocks themselves are all good. I reckon the stance is perfect now. Very slight rake 20mm or so. took my power steer pump to the Power steering shop on Aldwins road by mad butcher. He milled down one of my connectors to stop it pissing fluid. Didn’t charge me a cent. Good bastard and recommended and not just because of the freebie. I’ll be dropping beers off to him soon.
  7. Foook! I hope I get a bit better mileage than that!! Not going for full 1/4 mile spec grunt but a pleasingly grunty street cruiser/grand tourer. Excellent start point with my engine as it’s tight as
  8. For that much needed 1cfm gain and extra 0.5hp - I gained a lot more just taking off the mechanical fan
  9. Yes I’m a bit dubious about the gains in cfm made by removing a choke flap but richening the mixture so the car still starts from cold easily
  10. I have a fancy new Holley carb on the beast but the previous owner took the bloody choke off it. I suspect because it was a auto one but there are kits to manual choke them but they also took the actual flap off it. I can’t find one. Does anyone know where to get one or have one? I suspect it is tuned quite rich as it starts easily cold and has the rich idle sound. Any ideas?please don’t suggest injection...... yet...... although it’s in the pipeline!
  11. Doing the bearings on the outer pivot in the rear end. Following that I’ll get the exhaust sorted. As usual on this car there has been some sweet work and some bogan as shit work. The left side rear pipes have a little 2 inch to 1.5 inch section for some shit reasonand one of the shocks is knocked off its bush so the exhaust can get pastthe shock is the same on other side to but exhaust is mint. Left side rear muffler is also touching body. I’ll take it to get sorted first and then put my lowering springs in the rear- got them from the Repco clearance website cheap as!
  12. Well I got her cranked up on the weekend after some setbacks. Firstly pumped all the old fuel out but then the pump wouldn’t prime the new fuel through. Sorted that by drinking some delicious fossil fuel. Then the near new but unused for 4 years Holley carb started pissing fuel out the top of the secondaries like a geyser. I was amazed to find that adjusting the float level very slightly sorted it after also finding a bit of brass from carb manufacture on the seat. Then I had starter relay wired wrong (I’m a sparky ) and then dried all fuel out from carb leak . Then had some spark and slight splutter and then no spark only to find a lit later that the hei coil was melted. Ffs!! Started first pop $100 later. Someone has taken choke flap out of this mint carb and the car still starts well leading me to suspect it is rich to compensate. I want to put a choke back in and tune it properly but without the flap I’m a bit buggered. Any ideas? I can buy the manual linkage kit but that assumes someone hasn’t removed the flap
  13. Bloody surprised - only 4 litres of oil. Apparently 5 if you replace filter. My Bmw with engine half the size has more
  14. I’m getting tantalisingly close to a crank up of the engine for the first time in 4ish years. I’d already have done it we’re I not a total phaffer - i love how the dash of s looking. It’s fairly amateur if you look too close but great looking dash. A few wires under the bonnet, run the old Gas out in to a can and badaboom