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  1. Hi, hope you are well. Still living in NZ?
  2. Discuss it here. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/63775-bantams-1977-ford-escort-xl/
  3. So after a few months of limited use due to winter weather, it was time for a new WOF. I was worried after all news about NZTA and with sweat running off my brow I took it to the AA testing station. Didn't take long to get called over to the pit. Three patches in the floor /sill had rust. No worries I'll send it to the panelbeater I thought. Then as I waited for it to go through the rest of the test, I heard the tester having trouble getting it into gear. Thought that was strange. Failed on the rust, one tyre a bit bald, surface rust on the brake booster. No problem. Jumped into it and I had trouble getting in gear. I dont live far from the testing station so felt I would make it. But there were major road works and Friday traffic was at a standstill. Then on the GI roundabout the clutch shat itself. Wouldn't go into any gear and traffic was too bad to start in gear. Pushed it into a car park and waited for my son to tow me. Done a few gearbox replacements on the old esky so thought no worries. Had a Friday night with the family out so ripped into it. Had lots of problems getting the gearbox out, ended almost dropping the engine out to get clearance. Different tunnel and rs2000 box! Release bearing lugs broken was the problem. Problem was I didn't know at the time it was a rs2000 box so had trouble getting the clutch and bearing. Finally sorted and back in. Off to the panelbeaters again for the floor repairs. Then got a great deal on some new tyres so got four. A few months passed then back to the testing station. Sweated, but passed. Yay.
  4. So the rust on the right hand side was bugging me. It's not something I can do, deep respect for panelbeaters and painters. So off it went. About as bad as I thought. Few weeks later it was back. Now to save for the other side.
  5. (So brought it with out checking it, current West Coast petrol station wof, goes well. Shipped it up to AK and waited patiently for it to arrive. Towie said its not running, had to winch it on. Rolled it off and straight into the garage. First impressions weren't to bad. Rust bubbles, recent respray, and fresh black paint under it. Didn't expect it to be perfect so was reasonably happy. Pulled the points, dissy cap, and plugs out, must have being in there since the 1980s.Off to get new parts. Fitted and started straight away. A lap around the block in the pouring rain and was very happy. So this hi viz Escort is Australian assembled and come to NZ after a few years. Few things different to NZ ones. They made 4 door RS2000s and used the same body for the XL 1600cc. So it has a strut plate fitted, RS2000 gearbox, and a Scheel interior. Ford used Scheel as well as Peter Brock. Its an aftermarket company that tarted up cars. It's super comfy to sit in, well after a Mk1. Interior was dirty so hit it with the usual cleaners. Seat material cleaned up well. Fitted an old cd player I had. Got rid of the rotten aircleaner and ordered one from Weber spec's. Stripped the 32/32 carb and fitted a new gasket set.
  6. After selling my Mk1 2 door, I brought a 1995 WRX Sti type Ra because who doesn't lust after rally spec cars. Hell of blast, but I want to keep the km's down as I see it appreciating in the future. I needed something that milage or a few shopping market dents wouldn't worry me too much. Found this on fb down in the south island.
  7. Since C&C on the shore has got so big, the organisers have set up another meet at Hampton Downs on the same day. Park up for all cars, jdm and modern welcome. Talk of having the skid pad open and cruise the track at some days. I will be there since I have now have a car that fits that category and no longer welcome at Takapuna. Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/581556985580970/
  8. I'll be there in the Escort. A few of us Ford nuts heading down. Always a good weekend, RSA or club a good cheap night out too.
  9. Heading up soon, if the car isn't frozen.
  10. I was 3rd car there, in the the Escort with no WOF, when the cops came straight over. Once I realised he was a car nut, I scraped the turd off the seat.
  11. This is for sale now:( Have brought a permanent sited caravan at the beach so this has to go. On Trademe but message me if keen.
  12. Gee, never seen that happen to a Escort gearbox. So much for the record work on that box. Great car thou.
  13. Good night, except some little turd tried to steal the Escort badge off my boot and broke it in half. Shouldn't of stayed at the pub so long.
  14. 3 old school cars entered that I know. Spoke to organizer last night, 55 entries so far. Looks a good day.
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