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  1. engine bay all cleaned aswell as the exterior, waiting for me to line the engine bay with body deadner and firewall x mat from eastwood exciting times
  2. Footeys land rover seres 2a 109 safari

    Has anyone boosted an ld28? can i just turn the standard pump up and run it fine? planning to run 8psi boost pressure
  3. Time to pull the ld28 out and slot a new one in, run about 120-160 psi on a cold compression test no wonder the poor thing wouldn't start without ether, everything is now unbolted and ready to be hoisted out, have a good ld28 to put back in the hole, thinking of maybe future boost plans with a top mount intercooler? have a turbo just need to craft a log manifold
  4. For some reason my photo upload doesn't work il upload more photos when I have a chance =) have done a fair chunk pulled apart a parts car for some parts and have started to buy things, still need some rims to fit my new 265 75 16 mud tyres on
  5. Well I started it tonight and went for a drive around the yard, having a lot of trouble getting the ld28 to start once running its fine, bit of smoke atm been about 12-14 years off the road, has to be started on engine start, have tested all the glow plugs and they seem to be fine
  6. also thinking about a light tint on most of the windows? let me know your thoughts
  7. so tonight I droped the 13 year old diesel out of the tank, which was nice and clean no sludge, I also started to put some doors on the things, the gf also grabed some nicer photos The front of the rover is an early defender front this was to allow for the straight 6 ld28 and the moving forward of the radiator, need a winch bar for this thing
  8. Footeys land rover seres 2a 109 safari

    oh and I'm wanting steels as this is going to be no on road queen, going to be used for its intended purpose off road, thinking about a pair of truetrac lockers
  9. Footeys land rover seres 2a 109 safari

    after some disco 1 steels as there are 7.5 inches or 8 inches wide and wanting to run 265 75 16s, as for the sump someone has bashed it with a hammer and put raised stopper blocks on the diff so it doesn't hit =)
  10. through some slander down about my tractor
  11. so a run down I need to tidy up the wiring , fix a minor bit of rust get new tyres and rims, trying to find a set of steel rims 5 rims be good, the ones on the landy are borrowed , need to get to a stage to see how the motor runs, have a turbo to be fitted to the ld, not much to be done but still a lot of work ahead will keep the photos coming