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  1. Do now need to modify the latch so I can lock the windows shut
  2. So installed the windows ran out of glue for the 4th window they all slide nice and easy now was a tricky job but one step closer now
  3. so i installed the diesel heater and put the fuel tank under the drivers seat man oh man dose she crank so hot its un bearable on full crank =) worth every penny oh i put it in this position because it wouldn't fit anywhere else haha
  4. loving the color few touch ups to do here and there, next big job is to re glaze the windows oh the fun and joys
  5. got the girlfreind to paint the landy , she is so happy like a pig in mud left her to do this while i went to work. Loving the color, Latter there will be spray painted ferns all over this thing 80 percent painted
  6. first paint was under the paint name of camouflage to light so back to mega 10 to get a retint
  7. footey


    my two cents on paint, first buy resene house paint heaps of colours and great price at 150 for 4Ls step two - hand brush first coat. Step three - do final coats with a fine haired roller, this gives it an almost flat finish boom bobs ya uncle and fanny's your aunt laughing away with your under 300 doaller paint job that looks flash as a rat with a gold tooth