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  1. Johnnyfive's Land Rover

    just nailed these tyres for my landy think i payed around the 230 mark, Chinese tyre but have awesome reviews, i have gone big in landy terms and hitting a 265 75 16 got some disco 1 steels. Something to consider =P Big muddies = beast
  2. Fits so good had to bodge up some spacer to lift the whole rad, something about this one having square end tanks and hitting the chassis rails its now in there like a beast and not coming out, now time will tell if she will hold a steady temp slaving up some hills in sweltering summer heat while towing a jeep out because there shit i mean lesser quality
  3. Got this in the post new 2 core alloy vk commodore rad, hopefully fingers crossed this will do the trick
  4. Johnnyfive's Land Rover

    We have to gather all the landys at some oldschool meet. Good to see your making progress, i have so much to do my ld28 wont run without an electric fuel lifter pump.
  5. Footeys land rover seres 2a 109 safari

    was just going to use standard manifold and create a j pipe to a turbski down and a custom dump pipe. Owning a land rover is almost like dating a hooker so wrong but so right
  6. my face after i found one wheel cylinder was different gahhh put the drum back together missing half the bits now waiting on one cylinder to finish the job
  7. decided to replace all the wheel cylinders the shoes where allgoods for the time being also have found that my radiator is buggerd so a new one will be on its way shortly. after the brake are a go i will start working on the electrics and the custom dash.
  8. I got really pissed off with a botched wiring loom so in true fashion i cut the old one out with an axe and chewed and spewed a new loom out churrr
  9. working on the land rover makes one thirsty, new ld28 in the hole and plumbed , jerry rigged a system to make it run for now untill i build a spanking new dash oh the joys