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  1. Yeah it’s the Landy fella out Nelson, had a little break from this but getting back into the landy again work is calming down
  2. Just ordered a boost pin and ring, hopefully give it a bit more poke, looking at a twin port inlet manifold idea, still cant find much in compound turbos and 300 tdis
  3. mmmm i might have to look into this, having to rebuilt my r380 box, done some research dosent seem many people have compound boosted these, seems max boost is about 20 psi, might have a research into this
  4. found this park bench out on a random trip, had to drive on it give it a little flex has plenty more to give, sway bars are still attached. have a few plans for this is future just waiting on free time from work
  5. Will post some better photos today of the old girl, still have to give attention to the series haha poor thing , the life of landy rovers a downward spiral
  6. Sweet yeah mine is open diff aswell, thinking about true tracs front and rear, mainly because they ain't as aggressive as an arb air locker but do a great job for traction, I have a few oil leaks at present will fix these first
  7. I was thinking about an uprated intercooler , boost pin and boost rings then a hybrid turbo, try and get some boost happening under 2000 rpm might make a difference might try removing the sway bars I wonder how much the affect the flex and wheel articulation
  8. Love this disco I will look into the water pump there are a few mods I want to try, it has a 2 inch lift but still has front and rear sway bars so maybe thinking of a quick disconnect pin for off roading, looking how to organize the rear was think of a slide out drawer thingy not sure yet
  9. Went through and installed three gauges last night to keep check, water temp egt gauge and boost gauge, I was very surprised when the factory boost level is at 16 psi
  10. Will post some more photos and a progress log as I'll be doing small bits and pieces if anyone is interested I will do a build log
  11. So after much debate everything I wanted to make my series was just the same as a disco so I went and brought this a 300 tdi discovery Manual
  12. Do now need to modify the latch so I can lock the windows shut
  13. So installed the windows ran out of glue for the 4th window they all slide nice and easy now was a tricky job but one step closer now
  14. so i installed the diesel heater and put the fuel tank under the drivers seat man oh man dose she crank so hot its un bearable on full crank =) worth every penny oh i put it in this position because it wouldn't fit anywhere else haha
  15. loving the color few touch ups to do here and there, next big job is to re glaze the windows oh the fun and joys
  16. got the girlfreind to paint the landy , she is so happy like a pig in mud left her to do this while i went to work. Loving the color, Latter there will be spray painted ferns all over this thing 80 percent painted
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