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  1. kiwiplymouth

    POR15 full of shit!

    CRC make a rust converter that turns the metal purple. Just make sure you get all the rust out,or it will still rust under the converter. I think the best products are the acid based ones that you wash off with water,then meths,then expoy coat. Just doesn't seem right using a rust killer then wash it off with water,but they seem to work.
  2. kiwiplymouth

    POR15 full of shit!

    Brunox needs to be keyed up well or paint will lift off.
  3. kiwiplymouth

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    He paid but his wife will give them shit. They didn't even seal the 8 holes they drilled in wrong place. He said he just took car and left without putting people In hospital.
  4. kiwiplymouth

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    Local mechanics put my mates loop at the back end,then when told it was in wrong place,they charged him again to move it up front,unreal
  5. kiwiplymouth

    Column shift linkages disassembly - auto coon

    I done my mk3 zephyr in my early teens,was a cunt when you don't know what a cotter pin (I think its called)/is. Hollow pin that expands,similar to a dyna bolt end? Maybe it has those to hold linkages together?
  6. kiwiplymouth

    Anglia 105e Panelvan

    I'm doing a bare metal resto on a van at the moment for someone. I had one as my first car in 86. Brakes were seized,one bent strut,one guard cut of and replaced(why did POM's braize them on ffs),gutters refab'd,,inner and outer sills refab'd (check your inners lads) and on the hunt for baily channel fittings, steering wheel, and a few other things. Good luck with the van.
  7. kiwiplymouth

    Plastic headlight polishing options

    Toothpaste works well too.
  8. kiwiplymouth

    Trailer brakes

    You want a pic of trailer,I'll get one on Saturday,warning... Its barry trailer inspiration maybe.
  9. kiwiplymouth

    Trailer brakes

    Hell yes,my father in.laws trailer has coils,leafs and shocks. When I took it for a WOF the guy pissed himself.
  10. kiwiplymouth

    Flywheel removal help, Auckland

    Slide hammer might do it.
  11. kiwiplymouth

    Sheeperz MS65 Crown Chitty-Chat

    Good use of wet and dry by taping it together,I've done it for 30yrs. Also get a plastic long board,they mould to panel well for a good contour. Also wet sanding gives a finer finish for sure,the only worry is exposed steel around the prep area. Fkn good job man,I'd be proud of that result.
  12. kiwiplymouth

    Nels Hb viva discussion

    There was a grey the above in west Auckland in the mid 80s,blown 350,it was insane. Also was a purple hc with blown 454
  13. kiwiplymouth


    Looks like a massive skim of bog,or shitloads of spray putty blasted on.
  14. kiwiplymouth

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    Your safe,a lancer won't go 150kph.
  15. kiwiplymouth

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    No woodburner to recut cross plys?