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  1. Annnnnd just like that the journey is over. Have swapped cars with a mate that has a few HQ/HZ's and I now have a VY V8 Calais....
  2. I finally did what I have been wanting to do for a while, love them or hate them I installed a Gilmer drive kit I have always been a fan and I really don't give a fuck if it's just wank value, call me a wanker while I drive past grinning like an idiot listening to that glorious whine hahahaha In all seriousness I am really pleased with the result. Here are a couple of short vids of the glorious whine in all its wank factor goodness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cUJvL05fyU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNbCXNuWARk Thinking I am going to have a play with the
  3. Another update, more money spent on rad shit! Peep mirrors and roofracks!
  4. So glad I remembered this an hour ago and not the next day like every other time! See ya'll soon
  5. No update just better pics that weren't taken in my driveway
  6. Cool week for spending money on the old girl. Bought a woodgrain steering wheel and an external sunvisor that can only be described as costing crack money Fitted up the wheel the other night in anticipation of the visor arriving the following day and sure enough it turned up! Got home ripped the packaging off and did a quick test fit. The fit was pretty average as over the years it had gone out of shape. So Friday after work I refitted and proceeded to manipulate it into a slightly better shape, ripped out the can of touch up paint that came with the car and because I am, A) c
  7. Holy shit, how time flies! Been a productive few months adding little touches here and there to the old girl affectionately known a Cristine, named after "that" car... Painted the headlight surrounds and indicator lenses, added some much needed audio, made a tailgate window winder, lowered her on the kingsprings pictured above, bought a personalised plate (also purchased/restyled the OG Black plate so that can go back on if I ever want to) and also got some 14x8 steelies off an old Chevy. There is more shit that I have done but I have no idea where the pics are...
  8. Holy shit Bam! This is too cool, so stoked for ya man!
  9. The rust is the least of the problem, it is so bent out of shape its ridiculous. The back side of it is pretty clean but it is a cheap reproduction panel that fits really poorly so like I said I'm really not fussed at this point. The dark rust is from water getting under the 12mm thick layer of bog.
  10. Ditched all the bog and rusted the entire tailgate. It is in really poor condition so rusting it really isn't an issue as I will have to replace it at some point regardless.
  11. I actually did that yesterday @kws
  12. Yeah, not the first and won't be the last to say that.....as much as I agree with you, I genuinely like the look.
  13. Well this is the last update for 2017. The tailgate on the old girl has pissed me off since I got her due to the fact that the shit ton of bog was cracked and ready to come out. I attacked it with a flathead and a hammer and holyshit some bugger spent a long time laying in filler and sanding!!! As you see the rust looks rad! So a quick blast with the grinder and a splash with a vinegar and salt mix I added to the look with some instant rust I genuinely love the rust/patina/rat look and have no plan of painting the tailgate
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