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  1. Yay 2.0 and 5 speed arrived yesterday added bonus modified sump for escort came with the deal. So the puzzle is coming together, few more parts to gather before the conversion takes place though
  2. So today I had a pleasant surprise turn up at work. A deal was struck a few months back for a 5 speed box, I had actually forgotten about it but today it turned up. My intention was to put it behind the 1600 kent and I probably will while I build up the parts to do the pinto conversion. So with that in mind I have started making lists of shit that I need and what will cater to both conversions. Sadly the box came with no bell housing If anyone in the OS community can hook a brother up with info, parts or just general know how it would be lovingly welcomed. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/50660-666dans-1980-mk2-escort-discussion/ Some more good news is the pinto and box are being picked up this weekend
  3. First thing on Monday I took the Hustlers to work as well as my other wheels to get the tyres fitted. I am stoked with the outcome. No tyre rub, car drives better and IMO looks better. I will leave that whole stance thing to someone else... I have also acquired 2.0L Pinto and 5 speed and now own the Hustlers. Fitted a new/secondhand L/F hub today. Mine was worn out to all fuck, dot punched the hell out of it and lock tighted when I replaced the wheels bearing but the race still spun Results were as expected when you change a fucked part for a good part. Stopped in and saw my workmate that was tinkering with his Kingswood wag and went for a small cruise around the mean streets of Whitby
  4. As much as I love my wheels tyre rub is an issue since lowering. I am running 175/50's but rubbing with any weight in the boot or back seat. I took a chance last Sunday evening and pilled the kids in the back to go for a short drive, turned out it was a real short drive. Sidewall wore right through within 4km then the tyre popped. Long story short I want to get some new wheels that suit my lifestyle better, 13x7.5 -19 offset is just to aggresive and tyre options are a bitch. I am probably going to get some new repro Hotwires in 13x7 +3 offset. Until then I have borrowed some old 13x6Cheviot Hustlers. They have seen some life and been on many a car and stored for years so are a bit rough. Spent a few hours today cleaning them up, pretty pleased with how they have turned out. Will put my tyres on them tomorrow, buy some new shank wheel nuts and then do some driving.
  5. Awesome work! Loving what you have achieved so far, Rad seeing another Mk2 getting love
  6. Just a small update We have Low thanks to 2" lowering springs up front and 2"blocks in the rear.
  7. Cool to see ya back into it after the trip dude!
  8. Nah it was just gearbox failure that led to universal failure. Looks like a bearing let go and smashed teeth and shit decided to exit out the sides.
  9. Been a while. I have mounted the rev counter in the dash, installed headunit, speakers and some doof doof. Yay purple wheel nuts Attended Hardpark and enjoyed myself more than I expected I would Also hit the Ford day in Kapiti, the weather was real bad and it actually got called off but it was fun while it lasted. Driving home my wipers got slower and my lights got dim....the alternator died Thankfully (in a weird way) I still run points and EVLSKE made it home Replaced the alternator and we were back up running again annnnd we attended the British car day So all was going well but ya know how it is with old british cars....the headlight switch burnt out on the way home from the inlaws farm in Levin, no problem the lights stayed on so we got home. Unplugged the switch and all good. The next morning was the day of the Shannon auto spectacular, we drove to the inlaws and my lady and 2 of the girls stayed there. My eldest daughter and myself carried on through to Shannon. We stayed for a couple hours and then we headed back to the inlaws. The back road between Shannon and Levin was nice and quiet so I put my foot down to stretch the legs on the Escort. The gearbox had other ideas. There was a major internal malfunction and the internals exited through the gearbox housing and left a trail of destruction in its wake. So this is the view from under the car I picked these up off the road It came out in 2 pieces 2 weeks later and we are running again! Scored a Gearbox for a good price, new driveshaft universal, some fluid and its all good (Y)
  10. Driving the wheels off the little Escort at the mo and really enjoying just cruising! Been a good couple months for EVLSKE, has had its pic printed in the Petrolhead mag a couple times within 3 months I also lowered the front slightly via makita one coil removal and it has evened up the ride height somewhat. The exhaust scrapes going in and out my driveway now. Chucked a nice sedate stainless tip on the exhaust too Attended the Dec Petrolhead Breakfast with Mr Bwarp and Charlie earlier this month and probably the most exciting part of recent times is being given louvers for the Escort! Now both my Fords have them Looking forward to summer cruising and hitting some of the events happening around the show!
  11. Really enjoyed rolling out in the Hillman last night! What a rad little car, looking forward to what the future holds for her.
  12. Man she is tidy!
  13. Got the rego etched into the glass this week, its a small point of difference but I am pleased with it. Discuss http://oldschool.co....ort-discussion/
  14. My plate arrived I also replaced rear wheel bearing today as the L/R was getting noisy as hell. It was surprisingly pain free for a Sunday morning job using the bare minimum tools which was nice. The difference it has made is fantastic!
  15. The last month has been a good one. Relocated the battery to the boot and did a sound enhancement using a coby in place of the center muffler. Potato pics incoming Coby I also found some pics online of when she was getting painted