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  1. I've made a little progress on this. New steering bearings are in, upper and lower triple trees fitted. Had a wtf moment when installing the top yolk...couldn't for the life of me get it orientated correctly... it took abould half an hour of head scratching to realise that the key had to be in, and steering lock turned off in order to fit it correctly. Do'h! Also polished up the top nut. Got the Swing Arm and rear shock off: One of the cotton reels snapped off in the crash, had a go at drilling it out while the swingarm was still on the bike, but very nearly fucked it up as you can see. Will have another go with the 'arm off the bike, but this time from the backside, at least for the pilot hole: Rear shock has rebound adjustment which i doidnt realise, so thats a bonus! Also started on the fairings. Welded up a few cracks, and welded a broken mounting tab back on. No pics of that process, because i'm crap at taking pics, however plenty more to do and take pics of. There's still alot of finishing work to do here, but its pretty close. Not too long to go before i can get the front and rear ands on the new frame. Then i'll start swapping over brakes and electrics.
  2. Need to get to coastal fastners to get a couple of 8x27mm allen bolts for the fork legs. Threw some paint on, but had issues with the gun so not happy with the job. will rub down and repaint this weekend. Also painted the top yolk last night. Will wait for it to cure a bit before polishing. Getting real close to reassembly of the front end. Then i can start on the rear end.
  3. So haven't had much time on this lately, as both boys have been sick, and works been flat out. Have managed to make a start on the forks though. It seems that whoever had the forks apart last time over-torqued the allen bolts at the bottom of the fork leg that secure the damper. Net result was two stripped allen bolts. Fuck! My only move was to break out the drill. Hard to see here, but i managed to drill the head off the bolt without damaging anything else. Then took the cap off, emptied the oil and pulled it all apart: I tend to never be able to achieve a tidy work area! Also stripped the plastidip off the fork leg, and rubbed it own with 80 grit and a small flapper wheel on a drill for the bad bits. couple more rub downs and it should be ready for etch priming. Will get the other fork stripped maybe Thursday night, then hopefully prime and paint on the weekend. Though I'm still toying with powder for the fork legs and rearsets. will decide before the weekend! Edit: If i paint, they'll be getting baked in the BBQ. Apparently its a good idea to bake them a couple of times first too, to sweat out any residual fork oil absorbed by the alloy.
  4. So did a bit more on this at the weekend. First up, removed the old steering stem bearing races from the frame. The upper race was easy as there's enough of a lip in the race to get a punch on with no dramas. The bottom Race however is recessed, and a normal punch wont make contact with the lip. So after a bit of head scratching i came up with this: The lip on the lower hex head seats perfectly against the lip on the lower race. Three smacks with a hammer and the race was out. Win. Then I had a slight diversion and decided to polish up my seat mounts. I don't have a before photo of the long one, however it looked much like this: After a wet rub down with 800 grit, 1500 grit then 2000 grit, then some autosol: Then i got the bike off the ground and dismantled the front end. No pics of that yet, but next up is a refresh of the top yolk, and a fork seal/oil replacement. I'll paint up the stanchions at the same time.
  5. Threw some more clear on. Happier with this result:
  6. Wet sanded this with 2000 grit, but i don't think i soaked the paper long enough and it won't cut out 100%. So i've rubbed the whole thing down and i am going to shoot another coat of clear over it. Before i do this, i'm going to finetune my gun. I'm just not sure what size tip is the best for clear? I have a gun with a 1.5 tip and one with a 1.8. both suction cup guns. I got some good results using the 1.8 on a test piece the other night, I just wonder if i could get better results with the 1.5 if it was set up correctly?
  7. Got some clear on this afternoon. Not a perfect job but my first go painting with a gun, so I'm happy. Close up of the colour in faint sunlight:
  8. So, finally got some basecoat down on this. Ran out of thinners though so clear will have to wait.
  9. Yeah, Will keep that in mind. there's a bit to weld up, mostly around mounting points so i want to make sure its strong.
  10. I was considering that colour, but i'm having difficulty visualising it on an RF. Though i do quite like the understated nature of black and grey. Don't think the cable ties will work, as im pretty sure the fairings ABS. Test piece i did last night came apart with a bit of force.
  11. Thanks Man. Just had a 20 minute lesson from Delboy on how to plastic weld at home. Definately a better option than gluing!
  12. thanks man. I've been told lego is a viable filler too. might cut up the old nosecone and have a crack with some of the other broken bits i have.
  13. No major progress on this yet. Frame is all primed and rubbed down ready for paint. I think I've decided on a colour scheme. Basically black and gunmetal. Black will be a BMW colour (cosmosschwarz), but I'm yet to find the right gunmetal. Expoxied up a broken stud in the back of the cluster. The stuff I'm using sets solid as and seems to hold strong as. Yet to properly stress test it but I'm happy so far. Also made up some discs out of broken fairing to fill in the very large holes for the indicators, as I'm going to be running modern units with a small form factor. I will probably try reducing their size fractionally so they fit inside the holes, then i'll epoxy and glass them in. Not sure wtf iforce is doing with my photos, but they seem to orientate correctly when clicked.
  14. how gutting. I had a 1200 Sud back in the day, and it was held together with bog and duct tape. But boy i loved that car.
  15. I've decided just to go with 1k for the frame. easy for me to touch up if and when required, plus i can do it all myself. Rubbed the frame down over the weekend. Etch primed it, then hit it with some filler primer. Going to order headstock bearings shortly. Might start gluing the fairings back together tonight. I'm using 'Permatex Plastic Weld' Epoxy. seems to have a good strong bond. I'll reinforce all glued bits with fibreglass for peace of mind. I'm going to need to get creative with the Side fairing though... i'll explain later with a picture.