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  1. yeah, so this happened: Long story short, a valvecover bolt thread (valve cover screws screw in to a nipple rather than a hole....) split and fragmented into valvetrain, breaking all rocker arms on intake cam and scoring the shit out of the same cam So options i have: 1.give up 2. find and buy a second hand motor 3. find and buy second hand motor as a stop gap, and rebuild current motor with FZR600 pistons and cam grind making a 442cc. maybe flatsides as well. leaning toward option 3, option 1 is a no go, too much time spent on
  2. Well that was easier than expected. Massive thanks to @kseries.rookie for sorting me out with some gear so I could get this done today.
  3. Been chipping away at this, I gave up on the perennially leaking forks, and took them to a shop on the hutt to sort. Turns out the bushes I was supplied were wrong, so genuine ones from Japan were ordered and installed with new seals. At the same time I picked up some sintered pads, and painted the front disc centres as one was red and one silver. The front wheel was pretty rough, having sat for a couple of years with fork oil slowly eating away at the paint on the lips. So I decided to strip the lips back and polish the alloy. Also polished up the top triple tree and bar ris
  4. So. Been toiling away on this. Have been getting beyond frustrated with the paint as i was getting reaction after reaction on the tail. Took Friday off a couple of weeks ago and dusted it on outside and in the sun and success! no more reactions. Havent done anything about mirrors yet, currently deciding if i pick some up with integrated indicators, and throw some spots/DRLS where the front indicators are currently, or just blank them off. Brakes are on the to do list, along with small things like Bar ends, Swingarm bobbins, crash bungs etc.
  5. So, had it confirmed that the SV650 Speed sensor works, so have tracked one down. Expecting that to arrive this week sometime. In the meantime, i got on with the bodywork. Had a helper when stripping the tank: Got a coat of frame colour on just for now, still a number of imperfections that need to be sorted on the fairings and one small dent on the tank, but going to take my time and just rock it like this for a while. Just need to organise mirrors and i'll be good for a WoF.
  6. So, Drive gear arrived, and of course its a mechanical type, where mine is an electronic type. They don't seem to be easy to find, as the part number on impex.jp (54600-32c02) is for a mechanical type. It looks like the Suzuki Boulevard C50 uses the same one so will do a bit more research to ensure it will fit (looks the same) Heres my broken one, as you can see, its fubared on two fronts: First, all 4 tabs that slot in to the wheel are broken off: Second, all three wires had broken beneath the outer casing: I'm picking these are a pretty generic part, and as l
  7. So, now i know It rides well, and i have to wait for speedo drive gear and mirrors to arrive before taking it for a wof, i thought i would turn my attention to bodywork and start stripping the tank. The red that was on it is absolutely horrible, and is melting into a sticky mess under the heat gun, unlike the black underneath it which just lifts slightly allowing me to scrape it off easily. Took the tank off after these pics were taken and did the complete left hand side. I've finally settled on a colour i think, and am keen as beans to get this thing finished, so will be spending a
  8. Well shit. Ugly asf but maiden voyage complete.
  9. Yup keen as PM acct details and cost when you're ready
  10. So. Got the forks off, need to get out today to grab some fork oil some long Allen sockets, and a battery Tank also arrived, shit it's big! But looks heaps better than the smaller 400/600 tank. Seat might need a bit of fettling to fit properly but I'm happy Original tank for comparison
  11. Yeah, not sure if i fucked up or not but both forks are leaking badly. Have bought some Vesrah Seals from colemans which i hope to get in tonight. Picless update, but got the swingarm off again last night, and installed the chain guide that i missed last time. got everything back together, and torqued down, set the chain tension and rear wheel alignment. All thats left to do before the shakedown ride Is Fork Seals, Battery and Brakes. Might even be out on it on the weekend! Still lots to do on the fairings though, and i have a higher capacity tank arriving off a 900 sometime in the
  12. Yeah certainly makes the case for spending a bit of coin on a nice can when its all done. Will be giving cycleworks a call i think. Don't think i'll get away with open headers hah.
  13. Got it fired up over the weekend. Scuse the potato video, broke my phone so had to employ the backup potato. Threw the radiator back on last night, filled it with coolant and let it run (with muffler) for a good half an hour to ensure that the thermostat worked and fan would kick in. Ran bloody mint and everything works as its supposed to. Unfortunately both the swingarm and forks have gotta come off again, as i forgot the swingarm chain guide when i put it back together, and the seals failed badly in the rhs fork. But thats ok, because apart from those two th
  14. Found some motivation last week. Reinstalled cables into twist grip (sorry, no photos of the actual process, i was too busy swearing at it. not my favourite job) Then finished plugging everything in. Mounted the battery tray, put the dash on chucked airbox back on and hooked up Jumper cables to the + and - terminals and checked for power. Success! Power! Checked a few more things and then turned the key and hit the starter. Wasn't expecting it to turn over, but it did. Next up i'm gonna throw some fresh gas at it and see if it will fire up.
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