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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo

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Yeah at Zebra theres shitloads of echos.

A few manual.

With tyre pressure trickery it hooks up off the line great now. So for drags at least I think ill be ok with open diff for the moment.

The motor rocks so much from launching that it yanks the hose off the charcoal can and I broke a trumpet when it hit the radiator crossmember. Will fill the mounts with polyurethane but the rear one looks like a wanker to get out. And the spring bolt things on the exhaust manifold look severely rusted in place and wont budge. So likely staying as is for a while.

When my new shed is built I think ill buy a prius motor and maybe another box.

But today got a $3k quote to fix my teeth so I dont think ill be doing any more spending on this for a while. Still a few "free" things I can sort out though in the meantime.


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Already jizzed up 2 of the engine mounts, will do gearbox side tomorrow.

Big difference as these were crazy soft you could move them heaps by hand. Now much better



And im not sure what best practice is for a horrifically undersized manifold pipe with a shitty entry. But ive put a radius on it out to the full size of the port. Then blended the sharp edges. Will be interesting to see if it makes any difference.


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Interesting results from the manifold swap. 

The fuel map didnt change one single bit! 
Like not for better for worse anywhere. Less than 1% which is margin of error. Which is interesting especially as I'd adjusted cam angle too.

That aside, on virtual dyno it looks to have done nothing good at all: (red line is new mani)


This reminds me that I havent adjusted to suit increased vehicle weight from new wheels, and the low pressures might be hurting the amount of power that makes it to the ground. Not that it's any good making power at the motor if it doesnt reach the road.

I'll tidy up the entrance to the original manifold too, and then try do some A-B tests on the same day/weather/wheels/etc.
I'll feel a bit better about this if it's a zero power change rather than a loss.
It might be a case where backpressure is so high that a different manifold cant help as much as it would otherwise.
But this also might be an interesting indication of something else too - maybe power loss from different wheels and tyres.
I'm skeptical of that much of a power drop at the engine without it running any richer or any other indication in the ECU.

If there's a few HP worth of a drop in power from soggy tyre pressure I'll have to weigh up whether a slightly better launch is worth losing some speed down the rest of the quarter.
Slow gutless car has its own set of challenges haha. 

Also, I managed to get the front Bilstein springs too so I've got the full set now. 
Will hopefully be able to swap them over tomorrow.

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