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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo

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10 hours ago, Hyperblade said:

If your looking at light engines, you should run the numbers on a bike engines turboed... Pick the right cc you can even stay in under 2L class

The magical aspect of 1NZ setup apart from the weight. Is that parts are incredibly cheap, and theyre $500 engines. 

And new enough that youre not buying trashed old stuff.

But I must admit I sure do love the likes of the Dunne brothers MR-S with the turbo hyabusa setup.

That thing is wild! 


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15 hours ago, Roman said:

Well how much is turbo stuff? 

With a budget of 80kg for turbo stuff, that's a lot of turbo stuff to break even! 

haha yeah maybe not 80kg's. But at least some of the lightness will be in the plastic intake etc, probably only talking a few extra kg's if you make a simple aluminium one though.

I wonder how strong the engine is? I know Mighty Car Mods's's Yaris didn't last long, who knows what condition that was in beforehand though.

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Its the pencil spec rods that are the problem and they shit the bed around 160hp.

Its not a coincidence that the trd turbo version and the aftermarket supercharger setups all have near exact same power cap.

Apart from that someone with a hearty turbo setup split the block in half at about 500hp haha.

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There are plenty of engines that make medium-big turbo hp (for displacement) despite alloy block

The only upper barrier i've heard of is someone splitting the block at ~500hp.

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Ahh so the "does it take slow corners faster than other car" question.

Compared some GPS data. This is just peak to peak points rather than actual speed change as the data is on two separate devices that cant be overlaid.

On the slow parts its pretty bloody close, which I think is amazing given the only suspension mods are  Zebra sourced springs from a Toyota BB and second hand 185 wide tyres

This is compared to 205/50/15 AD08R on the Carina.
3 out of the 5 corner sections, the minimum speed is near identical, and on the other two it could possibly close up the gap with some less gumby lines... has been a while! 

Just gotta get those peaks higher with good gearbox and big block. Haha

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