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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo


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Just carve out the pistons and send it. That 0.4 of compression isn't gonna make fuck all difference when it's already in the 13s, unless you plan on using South island spec 100+ octane.

Which I know you are.

But still, it'll be fine

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Nah I CBF with E85. Especially now that gull pulled out of having it at the pump.

My thinking was that if new pistons are cheap enough its a lot easier to swap them than machine them. Especially if putting some other rods in. Especially if they have better piston rings.

Either way, will figure it out!

It will be interesting to see what the piston tops and combustion chambers look like after some high rpm carbon removal haha. And sensibe AFR with no EGR.

Im just having shed wiring and some new concrete done this coming week, some time after that I'll whip the head back off and see whats going on.

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22 hours ago, 87creepin said:

Can you elaborate on the aftermarket support for these engines pls? 

Asking for a friend. 

Basically, because it was a motor released in America it's got a big aftermarket compared to something like beams 3SGE which was only released in Japan. 
Like on Aliexpress you can buy anything up to and including a whole engine brand new.
On Ebay there are cheap rods, pistons, turbo manifolds, etc. 
Cams and springs were expensive-ish but plenty of people have made big hp on factory cams with forced induction.
Seriously just have a browse on Ebay under 1NZFE. There's so much stuff.
At least compared to what I'm used to!

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