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!!!!!!Hanmeet 2024 23rd-25th August - Entry Form is up now!!!!

Will I attend os hanmeet?  

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  1. 1. Will I attend os hanmeet 2024

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If you are 100% on attending please vote on the poll 

We need to know a pretty solid indication on numbers to work out prices.

Please and thanks 


If your gonna flake last minute don't do that 

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2 minutes ago, felixx said:

I am in if the 95 surf is allowed



17 hours ago, RUNAMUCK said:

While this meet is an OS.co.ng meet (because new cars are shit) its 100% about the OSGCs too. So if its beyond your means to travel a day and a half each way in your old school whip, (which has been on blocks so long itll probably never see the road again, stop kidding yourself) theres a perfectly good plane station down the road in quakechurch, so dont be shy about piping up, and im sure the local crowd can arrange pick up/ a ride to Hanmer.

The people running the camp atm have it on the market too. So this could be the very last one.  (Karl and i spent ages sharning up a storm getting to know the present people over a few visits) 

I'll just put this here 

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On 03/04/2024 at 18:44, vivaspeed said:

Whatever you do, do not accept an airport pickup from this man ^^

Bort kindly offered me a ride one time, which I was happy to take, but then at several points on the trip I seriously feared for my safety and death flashed before my eyes.  Sliding around the back seat of the angry V8 Valiant coupe (2 door sedan?) with no rear seatbelts as he did the imperial ton passing slower traffic on twisty roads.  I was not entirely comfortable with that situation.  Drive it like you stole it comes to mind.

Then we were regaled with stories of how he rolled a car while younger, and other interesting motoring calamities he had encountered - whilst entertaining, did not add to the feeling of safety.

Then we were relieved of the near-death experience when he decided to do some road levelling with the sump of the aforementioned car, and it decided to drain the lubricating fluids, rendering it inoperable for the remainder of the event.  Hence the nickname "Sumpson" was acquired.

Then IIRC @yetchh gave me a ride back to Christchurch in his 121 which seemed to have an intermittent fueling problem and so it wasn't being super reliable either, but we made it.

Such memories.

TL;DR - if you don't want to die, don't travel to Hanmer with @RUNAMUCK


That was highly embarrassing.. Halfway through overtaking a commonwhore and the engine splutters and dies.. 

Road leveling was pretty impressive given the size of the boulder on the road... 

But I'm a definite.. 


*edit.. Twas the other marque. 


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41 minutes ago, Sungai Sungai said:

Imma sit down tomorrow and figure out how I can make this trip work to my advantage somehow :compress:


will likely be flying into Blenheim and bringing some boring vehicle unfortunately.


edit: Or should I fly to chch and get a ride with @RUNAMUCK :badgrin:


Or fly to Nelson.. Should be my aim to get the zed sorted for this, then I can prove to @Valiant my slamming skilz. 


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I'm in. Will be the longest trip I've done in the PULS8R. Bit like Bart none of my old(er) shit runs.

Reminds me, I must find a wheelbrace that fits it just in case.

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