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  1. Things have been a bit quiet on this as I've been working on my 180B (like I should be..) but things are starting to come together! A while back I gave my cylinder to @JustHarry to see if he could repair it. Dropped it off to me Tuesday night and I'm bloody chuffed with what he did! Going to hone cylinder and reassemble with the new gaskets I got a while back. Fuel tap and filters from Aliexpress arrived today too. Will be a bit of fluffing around to mount tap to tank but won't be inpossible.
  2. Thanks for that, good idea! Just purchased that fuel tap and a couple fuel filters.
  3. Oh sweet I may get that 3 port tap and see if it will work!
  4. Mine is a 4 port tap. Not sure if one of the ports is not totally necessary. Thanks man I've got an FZ manual on my phone already but the others will come in handy too. Cheers.
  5. You reckon? I've had a bit of a look but can only find spenny ones on ebay. I'll keep hunting...
  6. Another thing I will need to sort once the tank is finished is the fuel tap. The one that came with the bike was in pieces when I picked it up and my mate gave me another one that looks similar but is completely different... any ideas?
  7. I'm not looking to go super fast. Just have some fun and learn more about 2strokes etc. Emptied the fuel tank to see how she's looking, and damn she's looking good! I'm going to get more Metal Rescue and fill it again and seal the top up better so I can leave it upside down to better get rid of the rust that's still there. But stoked with how good it's looking. Removed the plastic filters from the tank outlets. Anyone know where I might find some local? Seem quite pricey looking at ebay etc. I've also removed the fuel gauge and float. The gauge had clear tape all around and over which wasn't very clear anymore. Will try and fix it so it's visible or find a new one if not too pricey
  8. Hahahaha yeah that is plan B. Although I'd want to get it road legal so standard to start with.
  9. Thanks man! Currently have the issue of broken cylinder to deal with before I can start it again....
  10. Yeah no air cleaner... have air box just need filter.
  11. Full of enthusiasm I was excited to get this up and running again. Got the bike raised up and sitting at a nice workable height to remove the cylinder so I could repair threads for the exhaust. Got it apart super easy and attempted to drill and tap the bolt holes from m8x1.25 to m10x1.25. Got one hole done and was looking pretty good. Drilled out second hole but my tap just didn't want to start cutting... I tried and I tried and nothing... even put the tap in my drill and went slowly to see if that would start it off but nope.... swapped to m10x1.5 tap to start the thread which appeared to work. Swapped back to the fine thread tap and attempted again. When disaster struck.... the casting cracked... I was so gutted. It was all going so well!! A mate is going to attempt a repair but we'll see how that goes...
  12. A week later I had a look over it and my flatmate was adament we should try and start it. Removed fuel tank which was full of rusty shit, it had been quite sometime since this was last running... changed gear oil, cleaned up spark plug, topped up oil tank and fed some fuel to the carb. Kicked her over and fired up on the second go! Here's a short vid, excuse the laughing.... As you can see very smoky... the exhaust was only secured by one bolt and previous owner had used some tie wire to hold the rest of it up.. attempted to fit a second bolt but hole was stripped... lame. Here's the crap that I shook out of the fuel tank... have currently got it filled up with Metal Rescue to remove what's left of the rust. It's been sitting for about a week so will empty it soon and see what it looks like.
  13. I had been looking for a 2 wheeled project for a while and this came up for sale cheap on Trademe. It was in Nelson but I was heading to Blenheim end of March/start of June. A fellow Datsun club member (and may be on OS too) picked up and stored for me before I was able to mish up to get it. Picked up over Queens birthday weekend and got it home. Is missing quite a few bits but hopefully shouldn't be hard to track those down.
  14. Hahaha excellent! I really need to update the thread. Not much has happened but I've been accumulating parts.