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  1. Reg'd and paid. See ya'll there. @SunnyCoupe should definitely come to this.
  2. @Carsnz123 dropped a 6v bulb he had spare to me after work yesterday. Fitted and all works 100%.
  3. One thing did bug me though, with the headlight on there was no tail light only brake would illuminate. Got home today to check bulb and looks someone in the past has jammed a 21w/12v bulb in there. Which was a single filament and double contact bulb lol. Will get the correct 6v bulb and then everything should work properly haha.
  4. With it running much better it was time for a proper fang down the street! Borrowed a helmet and went round the block a few times. My fiancee loved it and she didn't want to give it back! I'll have to get another one now.... The electrics weren't 100% to start with. Indicators would illuminate but not flash. Figured out the front brake switch wasn't snug in the lever assembly. Got that sorted and indicators now flash. Now to sort the ignition switch. New switch from E-bay was 7 wire, 6 wire plug with a seperate blue and white wire. Old fucked switch from blue bike was 6 wire, 5 wires in plug with seperate black and white wire. Removed the black and white wire from the plug in new switch and connected to earth, figured there was a black and white wire on old switch and no blue and white wire haha, disregarded the blue and white wire and everything seems to work alright and ignition is cut when switched off. Pretty chuffed to have it pretty much all working propely!
  5. I've been working on this a bit lately and have it running pretty well! Took the exhaust off and went for a fang up the drive and went way better than before. Exhaust was suuuper clogged. Ended up snapping a bolt in the barrel as I was just going to put it back together.... Borrowed some left hand drill bits from work and ran my tap through the hole. The exhaust on the blue bike didn't feel as clogged so thought it was worth a try. Replaced exhaust flange gasket and started her up. Fuck yeah she goes good! As you can see the exhaust from the blue bike is a bit barry spec. Will sort that out at some stage but is doing the job just fine at the moment haha. Couple more vids with it running much better now.
  6. A few weeks back I scored this much more complete green FZ50. Main things missing were trans cover, kick start lever and ignition switch. I had all these things from the blue FZ so spent last weekend swapping them over. Kick start on blue bike was welded so had to cut that off so I could remove the trans cover. Got everything fitted up but needed a kick start lever. Took a punt on a cheap one on trade me and took me a while to realise I had to use a smaller bolt to get it to work as the m8 bolt that came with it was too big for the slot in the kick start shaft. Filled tank with fresh fuel, kicked over and putted into life. Let it run for a wee bit and went for short blat up the driveway. Is woundingly slow but I don't think it's running all that great. I have a battery for it just needs charging. Something funny is going on with the ignition switch, can start it with key in off position, won't turn off when turned to off position, the headight turns on when though when key turned to that position. New switch had an extra wire that the plug on the bike didn't have, will have to take a better look. Pretty chuffed that I had it running pretty easily. Just need to get it running better and go for a longer fang!
  7. I've been fluffing around with this for a while. Got the fuel tank set back up with the new tap, filter and fuel lines. New ignition switch arrived from Ebay. All I had to do was reassemble the motor and try starting it again. But ended up breaking a piston ring which isn't a huge deal but I'm not going any further on this one.
  8. Things have been a bit quiet on this as I've been working on my 180B (like I should be..) but things are starting to come together! A while back I gave my cylinder to @JustHarry to see if he could repair it. Dropped it off to me Tuesday night and I'm bloody chuffed with what he did! Going to hone cylinder and reassemble with the new gaskets I got a while back. Fuel tap and filters from Aliexpress arrived today too. Will be a bit of fluffing around to mount tap to tank but won't be inpossible.
  9. Thanks for that, good idea! Just purchased that fuel tap and a couple fuel filters.
  10. Oh sweet I may get that 3 port tap and see if it will work!
  11. Mine is a 4 port tap. Not sure if one of the ports is not totally necessary. Thanks man I've got an FZ manual on my phone already but the others will come in handy too. Cheers.
  12. You reckon? I've had a bit of a look but can only find spenny ones on ebay. I'll keep hunting...
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