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Thousand Dollar Supercar's 1988 Jaguar XJ-S 3.6

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It's so awesome that it needs six shock absorbers and six coil springs. It's got luxury covered too - climate control air conditioning, heated seats, heated electric mirrors, leather, wood, chrome, and a trip computer 


how many still work? and whats with the extra shocks and springs?

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37 minutes ago, Goat said:

This is most excitement Ben!
You are living my dream.

except british and rubbish?

I guess if you fit a six throttle intake and squish your head a lot it might kinda look like a Z?

jokes aside, I hope you have found yourself a sparklingly sweet lemon mr supercar!

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11 hours ago, sheepers said:

i have no idea where that is.

or who that is.

That was Nats 2014 at Marahau, and I'm pretty sure the gentleman in the passenger seat was this hard case party dude whose name I don't remember:


6 hours ago, Esprit said:

Have a soft spot for the XJS.

One of my fathers' friends has a special-build Walkinshaw XJR-S. 6L, V12 Manual, 400bhp. Thing's a beast.

It would be. I thought all TWR cars were basically body kits and suspension, still fitted with automatics and with their engines essentially stock. Fortunately, some total XJS Barry has written this site that suggests a 6L manual car could have been a possibility: https://classicregister.com/id-guides/how-identify-1984-1988-jaguar-xjs-twr-enhanced

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I know exactly what's wrong with him. The testosterone needles the fat-old-man PO fitted to the seat has him constantly speeding and passing everyone on the left. I, of all people, struggled to keep up. No appreciation. Or perhaps sheer shame in OS circles for even still talking to me? :-D

Another thing is wrong is that he doesn't smoke, and has to borrow a pipe from his old man and a seedy jacket from his brother (who wears it every day!) to look the part in this rather epic classic.

Looks old fashioned from back, but super sweet from any other angle. Inside the tunnel is so big they ensure your local chiropractor will be making a good living by offsetting your feet to the side, and on the passenger side there's not really enough room for my lanky legs possibly due to something under the floor (ECU, perhaps?).

Good on you for ignoring literally everyone and doing this! :-)


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